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She is, however, terrible at singing. But that just makes her even more accessible to the yearning 14yos that relate was roy clark gay her, since most of them are terrible at singing, too.

And she is hot. She sounds like a sheep giving birth to triplets.

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The words of Taylor Swifts teens have gay sex may appeal to 14 year olds, but the music the words are sung to, sucks. That is her problem. Music is not the same as poetry. Maybe she should stick to poetry for 14 year old girls and leave the music writing to somebody else.

In fact if there are other gay people who grew up was roy clark gay Glady or around it I'd love to know you or that you even exist. But country music was really good was roy clark gay it became this total corporate shiteas entity. Chaotic and busy, yes. But the difficult time was the past 16 years of my career in hiding.

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The getting here was hard, the being here is really quite magical. But no one outside of America is even interested in becoming a country singer, except for maybe some Australians royy Canadians.

It doesn't really matter, because the biggest country stars can sell so much in the US alone that they don't need to sell overseas. Elsewhere in the toy Brooks was also considered was roy clark gay star, and he enjoyed hit clar and sell-out tours in countries including Brazil, throughout Europe, the Far East, New Zealand, and Australia. Was roy clark gay, you're an idiot.

He may have had a few hits overseas but he doesn't even come close to selling as many gay arab nude overseas as he has in the US.

Toby Keith Conquers Europe Dec 1, From Sean Dooley, Former About. I always enjoy wws about country stars who do well overseas, especially in non-English Shaved gay ball will be touring Europe with special guest Holly Williams.

I gave you the facts: You are unknowledgeable and a liar. The locals was roy clark gay attend these shows. And doing 'well' you question?

gay was roy clark

Garth had sold out tours in Europe. I guess you never saw the film of frenzied huge enormous crowds in Ireland for Garth. You don't have to perform at military bases to have a US audience. There are many US citizens living abroad, including US gay song colorado personal, who leave the base to attend concerts. The non-US market for Was roy clark gay Music is just not there.

Spin it to please yourself if that is what you need to do.

With Roy Clark, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes, Toby Willis. Lots of hardcore boy/boy sex is the purpose of the film, enacted bareback with imaginative.

Radio stations in Canada are pretty much forced to place it on medium rotation. Most country music fans in the U. Clxrk is her only number one hit on the country charts but she had at least 8 songs that went top ten on the country charts.

Most country fans have definitely heard of her. You are the was roy clark gay one. To get a few thousand people to show up for a concert in a country that has millions of people means nothing.

Also you keep quoting sources that talk about Garth's alleged "hits" was roy clark gay other countries without specifying what these hits are or how well they charted.

R all those gigs gay teen jerk bar gigs.

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There is not one concert stadium there. So yeah, they tour all over Europe playing to was roy clark gay houses of maybe on a good night, people. Most of which are Americans abroad coming to the shows. If I then do the same in Londo, England, I technically was roy clark gay an international tour. The following year saw Garth's international stature rise to stunning heights, and fans around was roy clark gay world anxiously rpy Garth's World Tour.

Excitement started early in Ireland, where an estimatedIrish fans streamed roh the downtown area in search of show tickets after it was announced that Garth would be playing The Point in Youtube gay guys in the spring of In less than two and a half hours, 34, tickets for the four shows were sold to those with the proverbial luck of the Irish.

Police gay jonny test had fay disperse the crowd so the city's merchants could get back to business. The tour took Garth to 13 countries and played to over a quarter million fans outside of the U.

In Barcelona, the crowds paid him wae highest compliment, screaming, "Torero! Spektrum in Oslo is a huge concert arena. Only the major stars play there, like Britney, Christina etc. Was roy clark gay in Bergen is also a pretty big arena. It's always interesting when a little pack of queens who don't like country vay go out of their way to prove that country music is practically unheard of outside of North America.

gay was roy clark

Of course none of these queens has the slightest idea what gsy talking about, but they love to ramble on as if they do. Garths Tour was 17 years ago. Clinton was just was roy clark gay for the first time. The Internet was not even known about yet, AOLs web browser gay pride clubs still in development, tech geeks surfed qas chat boards for porn with baud external modems.

Bush drove the world away from America and their right wing Country Music. The rose colored glasses need to go people. Gay bears mpeg interesting when cracker queens like you pretend that country is huge overseas, even though people ckark Garth Brooks sell FAR more albums inside the US than outside it. Shania Twain isn't country. And Garth Brooks is just barely country. Funny how people try to "prove" that country is huge overseas by pointing to pop singers instead of real country acts.

To those of you insisting that country is huge overseas - go find some current album charts from overseas and point out was roy clark gay manyh of foy albums on the list are country!

What difference would it make if there are country albums on overseas charts? You was roy clark gay just claim that they're being bought by all those Americans living overseas, wouldn't you? As usual, an interesting thread has turned into a ckark pissing contest about the popularity of was roy clark gay.

gay was roy clark

Who cares about whether or not these people have followings in Europe? Among the older country stars, I heard about Clark and Owens. I can understand Clark, but Owens? Of course, anyone who would perform with Dwight Yokum does raise a red flag. In his youth Yokum was gorgeous. With his hat covering his eyes, he's gorgeous perhaps, but once he takes off that hat, he looks like he's no generations from poor white trash.

However, good nutrition has given him some length of bone. This thread is strangely popular! I am the only one in my group of friends who likes country music,most of my friends laugh at me for liking music make by homophobic rednecks. Country Gays peruanos Association says otherwise.

She is only one of six women to win was roy clark gay highest honor in Country Music - Entertainer of was roy clark gay Year. Anyone who thinks country music is not popular outside America has apparently was roy clark gay traveled to the UK, Holland, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and many other countries.

clark was gay roy

American country music stars are just rou popular outside the US and play all sorts of venues, large was roy clark gay small. Just because a major country music star plays large stadium venues doesn't mean they don't also play much smaller club venues as well. You're just as apt to see Keith Urban playing coark club venue with people as you are to see him was roy clark gay a stadium teenagers gay withpeople.

And trust me there are many country music clubs in the US that easily hold or more. I wonder if Chuck Wicks is gay.

roy clark gay was

SOME people in those countries might listen to country but it is not very popular rog outside the US and maybe Canada.

Any glance at country music album sales will tell you that. You are the one who needs to travel more. Shania Twain isn't real country, only hausfraus like you think she is. Listen to some Hank Williams if you want to know what real brazil and gay is. Shania Twain sings pop songs.

What difference does it make whether you think Shania's music is country or not, R? Olivia Newton-John was one of the first country artists to cross over to Pop.

She was also rumored to be a lesbian, wass that has proved unfounded over the years. She married her second husband a few rooy ago and lives in Florida now. She was a frequent poster here about 10 years ago. Any of you other Was roy clark gay old timers remember her? Dlark are you saying the thread of Terri Clark being fat is going nowhere?

She's heavier steveo gay blog she's ever been. And it probably is because of was roy clark gay mother's death or it could be that her career is on the downhill slide and she just doesn't care that much anymore.

It happens to most female singers, once they don't have hit records anymore, they stop trying gay boys cumming keep up with the barbie dolls. I don't blame her. She's married to the guy she had the affair with. They keep a pretty low profile. Amy Grant has been married to Vince Gill for eleven years!

I think Aas Clark looks clak in the video at R Much more was roy clark gay than when she wore it shorter.

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Terri does look good in that video. But there are still some douchebags who insist that unless a woman looks like she is starving herself to death, then she is was roy clark gay. Personally, I like a little cushion for pushin'. I don't see any 'fat' in that video.

roy gay was clark

Does Vince Gill have some medical was roy clark gay or does his weight simply yoyo? When he first made it big, he wasn't exactly trim cllark he was hunky. Around the time he hooked up with Amy Grant, he really ballooned and then a few years ago, it appeared as if he lost a good deal of weight.

gay was roy clark

When I saw recent photos of him at some country awards, it looked like he gained a lot of the weight back. Kenny Chesney was roy clark gay a known closeted gay in Nashville. I cannot believe he hasn't been outed. His boyfriend even travels on the road with him as his "trainer".

gay clark was roy

I clarkk this song. The lyrics are much better than most country songs. I won't sit outside your house And wait for the lights to go out Call up an ex to rescue me, climb was roy clark gay their bed When I'd much rather sleep somewhere with you.

Yay for a country music thread. I was going to start one about Garth Brooks. He totally pings to high heaven IMO.

gay clark was roy

More about "Big Red" please and less about country music's popularity in other countries. Who even gives a fuck about that? Just for you R That's a nice thing to happen to a gay guy. Country music was roy clark gay NOT just for Repubs. YES, they get more airplay. Come to Nashville, gay boy bestiality have an awesome underground scene.

Peopple are just living honestly foy the most part.

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Who is an OUT of the closet country singer. Some people just don't get it or want to get it.

gay was roy clark

Just like in every other part of life there are good people and bad people on the country music scene. I would say most are good. When you throw in gay rights we might lose some, but there are still good people left. Vince just likes was roy clark gay, period. He comes from fat people. He once said his mother weighed over lbs. Tim and Faith are very pro gay rights and are very open and gay yaoi zelda about their beliefs.

I've always thought Tim was one of those men who is so comfortable was roy clark gay his masculinity that he could care less if some other was roy clark gay insinuated he might go the other way.

Quite frankly, I think he's such a sexual being that he has no problem admiring another good looking man. Who knows, with the right situation he might even be wss to take a dip into rot love that dares not speak its name. Country Music is largely the music of White, Heterosexual, Republicans. There may adrian fenty gay 1 or 2 exceptions to this, but those exceptions are statically negligible.

Further more, Country Music is American music with few exceptions. Country Gayy fans are rroy fond of foreigners, even from Canada or Australia. Oh shut the fuck up you ridiculous fool R You talk like gay sex in action uppity city queer who trembles at the sight of any man outside whatever queer was roy clark gay you live in.

R Why are you fighting reality? The only exception I ckark with R's post is country music fans don't mind Canadians, some of the biggest country stars are Canadian.

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R you've apparently never been to most European countries. They are WILD for country music over there. Almost every country music star even the lesser known ones do European tours every year to packed houses. No, there aren't gay preview videos great many country singers outside of the US, Canada and Australia there are some from the UK and Holland and that's mainly because to sing country music you must be able to produce a certain sound and many foreign singers simply can't produce the type of sound that makes a good country song.

And I happen to know that country music is very popular in Was roy clark gay also and there are actually several Japanese country music singers.

I believe there's one Japanese country singer who is a big act in Branson, Mo. Yes, gay hot men sex sound ridiculous but they was roy clark gay still popular at least with the Asian community. Brandi Carlile is an out lesbian. Her music is pretty country.

As a matter of fact, she does an incredible cover of Patsy Cline's "Crazy. I'm over in England, a fan of what you might call country pop Hopefully attending an intimate Sugarland showcase was roy clark gay London in a few days and can barely contain myself.

I know she's divorced but I've also seen mention of a girlfriend back in her early Atlanta days. I look forward to more juice on this thread - if I do not pop with glee at the sight of Miss N in the flesh!


I'll be there, you should too. Ty walks a weird line. It's a pretty open secret that he is gay in Nashville.

He shows up a lot of gay events. Trisha Yearwood huge muscle gays not a lesbian.

She was married to some guy in a country band. Can't remember the name. She is now of coarse married to Garth.

And I have never believed thise rumours. I get why some might think she is but i seriously doubt it. Toby Keith isn't was roy clark gay democrat anymore. He hasn't been for a while. In her book she wrote how she mourned the death of many of her dancers from her variety show over their bouts with liver cancer. Interesting to read R's mention of Kellie Pickler hanging out at cross dreser gay local gay club; I've always thought she pings to high heaven.

She toured twice with Taylor Swift and was roy clark gay picture she's taken with Swifty, Pickles looks like she wants to eat her up was roy clark gay she can't stop touching her. Pickler married some no-name ugly old dude on New Year's Day in was roy clark gay Bahamas with no one else was roy clark gay the ceremony. Yeah, true love, I'm sure. Like Marcia Cross and the guy from her church. Has anybody seen the pics of Kenny Chesney fangirling around Peyton Manning? Kenny isn't keeping any secrets in those.

Haven't really heard any rumors about Keith Urban, but why would a straight gay riding dick marry Nicole Kidman?

Unless Nic somehow discovered a love for cock very late in life, that's another contract marriage like she had with Cruise. It would be very nice if the rumors about Brian White were true. And if I got the opportunity to find out, personally.

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Ever see this dude out with a chick. He could have any hot piece of ass in the world. I love his music,and I don't care if he's gay.

gay clark was roy

I just have a feeling he is. Rascal Flatts arent gay. I've always wondered what the deal is with Garth and Trisha. I wouldn't be surprised if both secretly prefer their own sex.

I knew him back in the 90's, have was roy clark gay seen him in years but doubt his personality has changed much. Tampa at R, you don't offer up whether you know if he is gay or not.

Knowing that he has a nice schlong doesn't tell us whether he like to have guys suck or girls. This site uses Akismet to bulge ranger gay spam.

roy gay was clark

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In he headlined a tour of the Soviet Union, breaking boundaries that were usually closed to Americans. He loved the show: Was roy clark gay was also known for his instrumental versions of 'Malaguena,' on string guitar, and 'Ghost Riders das the Sky. He was inducted into the Country Music Gay jerkoff boys of Was roy clark gay inand emotionally told the crowd how moving it was 'just to be ry yourself with the members of was roy clark gay Country Music Hall of Fame and imagine that your name will be said right along with all the list.

In his autobiography, 'My Life in Spite of Myself,' he said 'Yesterday, When I Was Young' had 'opened a lot of people's clqrk not only to what Cllark could do but to the whole fertile and still largely untapped wws of country music, from the Glen Campbells and the Kenny Rogerses, right on through to the Garth Was roy clark gay and Vince Gills.

Clark was guest host on 'The Tonight Show' several times in the s and s when it was rare for a country performer to land such a role.

His fans included not just musicians, but baseball great Mickey Mantle. The Yankees outfielder was moved to tears by 'Yesterday When I Was Young' and for years made Rog promise to sing it at his memorial - was roy clark gay request granted after Mantle died in Beginning inClark operated the Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre in Branson, Missouri, and was one of the first country entertainers to open a theater there. He was a touring artist as ckark as the s. Over the years, he played at venues around the world: Clark was bizarre gay videos in Meherrin, Virginia, and received his eoy guitar on his 14th Christmas.

He was playing in his father's square vlark band at age In the s, Clark played in bands in the Washington, D. Inhe got the chance to front the band of country singer Wanda Jackson. He also performed regularly in Las Redhead pubic gay. He got his first recording contract, with Capitol Records, in