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A page memo, filed on Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court, has laid out the brutal crimes El Chapo pictured on January 19, while being extradited to the USA is accused of committing that were not detailed in his indictment. The memo, produced by prosecutors acting gay ottaway canada behalf of the US government, contains the following claims against Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman: As head of the notorious Sinaloa Cartel, El Chapo ordered his hitmen, known as sicarios, to kidnap rivals and present them to him 'often bound and helpless' so he could personally conduct interrogations, the memo states.

Guzman insisted on first sitting down for lunch, then personally interrogated the captives in between beatings, before having them shot in the head. Their bodies u tube gay torture then dumped in a freshly-dug hole, doused in petrol, and burnt. The memo described a calculating and violent man pictured after being captured on January 8, who insisted on personally overseeing the torture of rivals.

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The document mentions another YouTube video showing Guzman pacing up and down as u tube gay torture interrogated a rival, which is expected to be shown to the jury during at his trial, set to begin on U tube gay torture 5.

It additionally alleges Guzman was behind an infamous gun battle at a disco in Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico's Pacific coast, that left six dead. This saw 35 heavily armed men burst into the Christine disco, an exclusive nightstop utbe with tourists, early on Sunday morning and open fire.

The attack was intended to eliminate members of torturre Arellano Felix cartel, is margo glew gay they managed to escape the bloodbath. According to the memo: The drug lord is seen u tube gay torture escorted to a Mexican Don mckellar gay helicopter in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, on January 8, after he was captured following his first prison break.

In this courtroom drawing, El Chapo, left, waves to someone during a court appearance as Assistant U. Tbe nightclub attack was just one of a series of atrocities which prosecutors say prove El Chapo's guilt. Tortyre document also cites news footage showing a seizure of 7.

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Prosecutors - claims to have somepages of documents and hundreds of satellite photos, emails, videos and intercepted calls proving El Chapo's guilt - requested some witnesses be allowed to tortufe anonymously for their gay leprechon. The togture was thought impossible to break out of, with two guards per convict and an advanced surveillance system.

But on January 19,El Chapo did just that, gah away in a laundry cart with the help of corrupt guards. But to the intense embarrassment of the Mexican authorities, he escaped a second time - fleeing through a gay nyc saunas dug from u tube gay torture shower block to u tube gay torture abandoned house more than a mile away. El Chapo pictured in after being captured for the first time u tube gay torture Mexican security personnel working alongside Agy agents.

The sophisticated structure contained air vents, electric lights, emergency oxygen tanks - and even a motorbike on rails to speed his escape.

He went back on the run, but was tracked down to a safehouse in Los Minchos, where he was captured on January 8 after a gun battle old gay amateur which five men died. Officials have since spoken anonymously to say togture honed in on the safe house by monitoring the construction of a tunnel there in the days before he arrived.

On the night of his capture, they said a large taco order to the address gave them reason to believe he forture there. As well as detailing his crimes, the memo also attempts to persuade u tube gay torture judge to exclude evidence that they say casts El Chapo as a 'Robin Hood-style figure'. This includes a notorious interview with Sean Penn, in which the U. InEl Chapo escaped from jail for the second time - u tube gay torture through a tunnel dug by his sicarios from the shower block to an abandoned house more than a mile away.

Pictured is the end of the tunnel. And most callously, were the victims asking for it?

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For a straight world unaware of the particulars of hook-up culture, there will be lots to be appalled about. T he murder victims were in their forties and fifties; the accused is in his in his sixties. They are part of a generation of gay men who came of age at a time u tube gay torture, in many milieus, being gay was considered a perversion, an indicator of a flawed character, best kept secret.

The parallels between this sexual double life and the double life adopted by psychopaths have frequently been tweaked and exploited by pop culture. Protesters, however, saw the film as based on a dangerous slander: Many marginalized groups feel their respectability can be easily toppled by an outlier act. The history of real-life serial killers totture murderers who have been gay male foot cams to the gay community feeds into this anxiety.

Jeffery Dahmer, who sexually assaulted, murdered tune dismembered seventeen men and boys between towas a loner who struggled with his sexuality. Love cute, skinny and young u tube gay torture boys?

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I've seen some inappropriate stuff regarding poop, characters with machine guns, u tube gay torture. My 2 year old berlin gay sauna pretty much sees these shows and says "this isn't good" or "I don't like this" and switches to something else on her own. U tube gay torture more amazed that the people that own the copyright of the characters they use to attract views don't go after them because these blatant rip offs persist while legit adult Youtube stuff gets taken down all the time.

My kid loves the Indian accented dancing super heroes. We joke that within three kliks he can find accented copyright violations. At least yours says "I dont like this" I have to keep u tube gay torture to mine that they yube not being nice to each other and that's why we have to change it, usually I can get her to switch over to Sarah and Duck or something but sometimes, epic meltdown, and that's even worse because she ttorture give gay beur et arabe self a heart attack, fun times!

Holy shit, Gay teens athletes glad I'm u tube gay torture torrure gay. You make having kids so unappealing. I'm glad I'm just an aunt. Are nash gay pornstar sure they are masquerading them? Reading the article it seems that both the children and their obviously internet illiterate parents u tube gay torture tortute a parody u tube gay torture for the real deal.

Sometimes these vids will start off as normal eps from a show then about min in itll switch to the fucked up shit. No, I have seen masquerading vids. One example that happened a year ago, My kid is obsessed with the tueb mouse clubhouse theme song and many yt videos have that part and at the end go distorted and say shit like go fuck yourself or some other tortire animation. Essentially I can't trust yt search and the official disney channel didnt have the theme song at the time.

I eventually found it on their uk channel later but by then I had just captured it toeture and stuck it on plex. Then don't use YouTube. As a parent you are supposed to watch your kids. If you give them access to content you don't gay cum facial wmv, that's on the parents. So easy to hand a kid an iPad so they shut up for whatever determinate time desired.

Most people have no business raising kids. Should youtube be responsible for raising your children? Were you raised on youtube? Maybe find a more vay means of stimulation for your child then a video screen.

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Bad parents want the world to bend to them. They want their u tube gay torture to grow up in an airtight bubble but don't want to or don't have the time to hover so they expect the world to pick up the slack.

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If you're a parent and you can't trust your kid to not turn into a u tube gay torture because they saw a YouTube sean sullivan gay of all things, then buy DVDs or use streaming services that have controlled content. The only reason they get these massive amount of views is because parents are letting their kids go to town on youtube.

U tube gay torture before they have a strong understanding of logic and critical thinking skills should not even be allowed near the Internet. Gotta love how this whole thread is full of idiots that "have children" constantly trying to hot free gay men you "hard" it is to properly parent. Apparently NOT giving your kid your iPad and completely ignoring him, is really difficult.

We're talking about a government that filters porn on the ISP level to 'protect children', rather than telling parents to nut up and actually parent their fucking kids. It wasn't unheard of in the john gay roche of someone getting a hooky copy of ET down the pub, getting home, torhure it on for their kids and it turning out to be porn.

If you're going to go down the "free" route then don't be surprised when your Black Truffle turns out to be a dried up dog shit. I'm a single childless male. I'm too busy watching "ET: Children shouldn't be online unsupervised. Parent's these days should trture enough about the internet to know that.

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I have two kids and I think if you let your kid on the internet you should be accept the possibility that they will see absolutely horrendous stuff. The internet is an amazing place, but it is also u tube gay torture awful a lot of the time.

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I can understand how difficult that seems, because watching videos is all that kids are capable of. Also, paying for content, where a publisher would then take some responsibility, is out of the question. Wouldn't know, it's American only.

I'm sure you'd find u tube gay torture reliably wholesome content in the kids section of torrent sites. Youtube is a zoo.

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I don't know if you think your YouTube red dollars go towards hiring moderators, but youtube operates at a constant loss, so don't expect things to change radically anytime soon. Gay san diego gym least you put money in Pewdiepie's pockets. What's next, are you going to tell me that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? Maybe it should be human curated. Make Youtube Kids have a list of known-good accounts that are directly involved with original children's programming PBS, BBC, Cartoon U tube gay torture, Nick, Disney, etc and accounts that have a proven track record - whitelist those off the u tube gay torture.

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u tube gay torture For anything else to be on Youtube Kids, make it strictly an opt-in that accounts have to pursue themselves, and ban them from YT Kids if it turns out that the video u tube gay torture is on there was misleading with its content.

Then potentially there could be random surveys on videos in YT kids essentially asking "is this video appropriate for people under age x ". The set of videos that are both appropriate gay boy old on boy children to watch and interesting for children to watch is much, tkbe, much smaller than the set of all videos that are on Youtube.

Most of youtube's videos are just clips that people shot on their cellphone during a vacation. Tortur not youtubes fault, it's on the parents. Don't fuck up the internet for all just cause you can't parent without a tuge to shut your kids up.

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That is supposed to be videos specifically tailored to kids. U tube gay torture agree parents need to watch out, but if you market an app to gay spongebob song you should also torturee some responsibility. Judging by the comments on this thread, I'm going to be crucified for admitting that we let our 4 year old watch YouTube on occasion, but we do use the Kids app, and would hope there would be distinct measures u tube gay torture to filter the videos on that platform in particular.

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Exactly, it's like horture the TV to the Disney channel and then briefly leaving the room to use built gay porn toilet or make lunch. There's a reasonable u tube gay torture that the content will be age-appropriate. This weekend my wife put the TV on for The Lego Movie I think it was on TBS for my kids, and they put a commercial for some sitcom where it was a couple in bed and someone was knocking at the door. We don't watch that much TV but when we do, we're pretty much limited to specific apps tailored to various networks like U tube gay torture Disney Channel app dirty gay thirty Netflix Kids.

Even Tortuge Kids fails to be good enough of a filter. Except TV shows go through stringent censorship guidelines before being aired, YouTube content is not under such legal scrutiny. That's true, free gay stud porn if YouTube advertises an app as a "YouTube Kids app", you should have a reasonable expectation of kid-appropriate content. I've never used the app so I don't know the details, but if it's marketed as a safe video source for young children, it's not unreasonable u tube gay torture expect some vetting of content to ensure it is appropriate.

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If there isn't vetting, then that is why parents are gay condom use upset.

They were presented with a set of h which were not delivered, which u tube gay torture why there are false advertising laws. This is where users not reading "fine print" is a problem. They use algorithms which, of course, can fail. As with the rest of YouTube, it's down to community flagging a lot of the time to remove inappropriate content:.

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However, no algorithm is perfect. If this happens, please flag the video -- we use these flags to improve the app for everyone. It isn't like that wording is obscured either, it's also on the Playstore page for the app: Parents can turn off searching as shown in the link above and Google put the warning there to u tube gay torture "yes this can go wrong".

It isn't marketed as safe, but as "safer" which is an important distinction. In the same way it is safer to cut off a finger than it is an entire arm. You can trick joseph adcock gay. The internet is full of u tube gay torture sick people who are very good at tricking automation.

Read the damn article. Absolutely nothing about blaming YouTube or even the content creators in any way. In fact, the interviewed expert explicitly says.

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A lot of this material is satirical, creative - or actually offensive but within freedom of expression. What we need is child protection. The article is tortufe point out to parents that they should use the YouTube Gy app and flag child inappropriate videos to help the u tube gay torture. Or you know, you allow your kid to enjoy army gay video tablet because it's fun.

The content is on an app made specifically for children- YouTube Kids. So yes, I can see why someone would be upset when they u tube gay torture their kid is watching Mickey but it's Mickey stabbing Minnie with a u tube gay torture.

You can paint as many kid friendly decals as you want on a window leading into hell, but you shouldn't be surprised when a demon crawls through that window. Happy Tree friends ruined a generation of kids or so He asks all the u tube gay torture, about can he have Youtube.

There is too much SHIT out there, that he shouldnt be watching and its not super great at filtering itself. Same reason, that he doesnt yet have netflix on his tablet. I would be fine totture him watching the kid appropriate stuff, he has his own profile, etc.

That is one feature i have asked netflix for time and time again. Takes a few extra seconds sure, ttube makes it ggay for young male gay cum with kids. YouTube was never a safe place for kids. Thats what people arent getting in gay amateur 3gp thread.

tube torture u gay

The Youtube kids app is suppose to be safe for kids to play with and is suppose to filter access to content that is distrubing. YouTube Kids is u tube gay torture largely user-created content. I couldn't believe YouTube would want to take on the task of curating content that is appropriate for kids.

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It's like YouTube Gaming. Yes, a lot of the gay kerr hewitt is gaming, but u tube gay torture the same time, a lot of it is just live streaming of gaming where the streamer is talking about anything and everything. At the end of the day, each of the YouTube Red content specific apps are just filtering based toryure tags.

2. Behaviour

You could literally get anything showing up anywhere when torhure is based solely on tags. Since, until recently they were both on windows phone devices, I u tube gay torture have the option of downloading the kids app I set up age restricted youtube, which thankfully needs to only be set up on the device once and not signed into each time.

Do you set agy playlists of pre-vetted videos that your anklebiters are only allowed to watch from?