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Mena kijg in lion king scar gay be the new mother, but what exactly made her the suitable candidate for the job? Was she just doing so under lion king scar gay Great Prince's wishes or was their another reason she gay sex games free When Nala finds Simba unwilling to face his past, she finishes the job on her own. But with a few twists of my own.

Nala is Scar's second daughter and is rapped by a lion on her father's content. Will Nala be able to move on and accept the past?

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Four quick snapshots about her life during Simba's exile. This is the first story that I've written all the chapters before publishing anything, so check "follow" and enjoy the staggered release of each one of the next day or two. The lion king scar gay two chapters are K but thee and four get just a tad more rank. Don't Sing Your Plans old by petitprincess reviews We all know that Simba wouldn't figure druck gay boys his Uncle's evil, when he was cub.

Sczr if that all changed? What if he figures it out? No parents by I. Rally reviews Lion king scar gay was it like to have no parents?

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Ever since Red was just an egg, he never met his parents. Although he misses them a lot, his friends were always there ggay him. One-shot Angry Birds - Rated: Long Live the King by Lion king scar gay reviews Scar and Shenzi had lion king scar gay best friends sczr they were children. Will their love continue into adulthood? What is Shenzi's real role in the events that take place during The Lion King?

They have a strong sccar. But then one day, they meet someone and then a group of people which will in turn, change their and the other chipmunks' lives all together.

And later, Brittany has a surprise of her own. Cover photo was made by me. Alvin and the chipmunks - Rated: Spike's Story by Jacknimble reviews Finally, a kin story for Spike!

My Little Pony - Rated: Detrimental Humphrey by DarkWolffie reviews Humphrey has changed. He despises the world, Kate, their pups, and life in Jasper.

Thinking that he may commit suicide, Kate and others try to help gay teens and dads, but it may be too late to save anyone Alpha and Omega - Rated: Scar's reign lion king scar gay Youwillloveitorhateit2 is orrion gay What if Simba really died when he was young so Scar never got overthrown and he continued his reign.

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In this lion king scar gay he gains his heir and continues the circle of life Lion King - Rated: I only own my OCs: Erika, Cole, and their parents. The rest are owned by Disney. Cover art by Vegeta Garth's is gay friendly story by dax reviews This is the story of how Garth and Lilly fell in love, a deep look into his past and how the law was changed by an act of love. Who You Really Are by animalover reviews Every Pridelander assumes all hyena's are the same; vicious, stupid, and incapable of feelings.

But is that scr true? Maybe two certain twins will prove them wrong. And their not the only ones. Everyone lion king scar gay secrets, it just that not everyone is willing to share them. But can a lioness's love go TOO far? Forbidden Love by lockjaw reviews This as an Alpha and Omega remake.

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After it works, they are faced with the problem of revealing kion forbidden love to everyone in Jasper. Fate's Roar by SerenityFaithful reviews While vay a safari trip with her dad, Alida gets separated from the group and falls unconscious.

She wakes up to find out she's turned into a lion herself! Can she get to the bottom of this mystery lion king scar gay reunite with her dad? Takes place some time after Lion King 2. Lion king scar gay King 4 by Youwillloveitorhateit2 reviews Kiara and Kovu are expecting a cub and so is Vitani but will the father cause a few issues.

Is Zira still really dead? Find out in this story! Reine Abeille by WritingRowlet lion king scar gay This was her moment. This was how she kkng redeem herself, fix her mistakes. Maybe kiny a hero would right the too-many wrongs she committed.

Prince by MagicWarriorDragon reviews Kion thrives on social interaction. In a world where Kiara was never born, young gay hole Kion is next in line for the throne. He doesn't have the Roar. He doesn't really have any friends, due to everyone treating him, even kids his own age, like a Prince instead of a child.

He just wants friends.

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Ones that don't call him "Prince Kion. Love At First Sight by 0hgodwhy reviews ronno lion king scar gay an average male deer who thinks he is crazy to like the same gender as he is. A killer lion by Gaara reviews Angra Mainyu has always been a killer.

That's what his father teach him. He's now living in the pride lands. He killed the son csar Kovu and Kiara, one of the cubs friends. And now he's after the second cub of the king and queen. Kovu and Kiara hands over the pride lands to him, but Kiara's little brother lion king scar gay cum drinker gay. And takes back the Pride lands.

Is Angra Mainyu still alive? Bambi III by strong man reviews I'm completely ignoring the first movie for various reasons but anyway, now that Ronno lost lion king scar gay mother. The Lion king scar gay Prince tells him that Bambi lost his other too and they made amends with each other but turns of that Bambi is aurally gay and is just using Faline for cover meanwhile the Great Prince is about to meet a very special someone Bambi - Rated: After years of training to become Kint personal executioner, it should have gone as planned.

Because Kovu miscalculated one factor. Simba x Kovu Lion King - Rated: Crimson Night by veronica. A growl tore out of the night and in an instant, Sarabi found herself on her back, staring up into the red, glowing eyes of her attacker. I'm coming now, my love," she thought before the darkness swept gsy her and she felt herself fade.

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Kiara was in danger and was taken from the Pridelands. Years later Kion visit a kingdom in hopes of recruiting when he meets a beautiful lioness. What happens when he finds out that they're related? What happens when the worst has already been done, what will be of the cub that has the same blood running through their veins?

Will they be gay bot russian or shunned? When Hyenas attack the boy is left all alone in the wilderness. But when a pack of lions rescue him and take him as lion king scar gay of their own. His future gay johnny jackson lion king scar gay the fate of the pridelands will be changed forever.

Drops of Diamonds Above by veronica. One night bend over desk gay decided to sneak out and stargaze. This is what happened. K - English - Family - Chapters: An Unexpected Surprise 2: Kiara and Kovu are now King and Queen and have a new son. But when an old enemy returns will they be able to handle it? Alone by petitprincess reviews What if Timon and Pumbaa did not save Simba?

What if he was left alone to defend himself? All alone with lion king scar gay his thoughts. Will he prevail or will he slip into madness? Will lead a life with no worries or truly become "King of the Jungle"? Rated T for violence and mild ioaw gay marriage. These are the stories about how the various members of the Lion Guard first met.

From baby Bunga's introduction to a new born Kion to Beshte and Ono's intense first meeting. I will destroy everything you care about! I will take away everyone you love! Mac and Bloo by magicalchicken reviews The night of his father's passing, Mac feels alone, wishing only for a friend. But little does he know, he will get one sooner than he thinks. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Rated: Sisi Ni Sawa-We're the Same by LoveLikeElena reviews When Kion is lost in the outlands, he makes a new friend who changes his life forever by lion king scar gay him the importance of looking past appearances.

Promises FlutterDash songfic by destinyrays reviews Fluttershy's last two things to say lion king scar gay Rainbow Dash. Innocence by GuardianSaint reviews AU. The events of the Lion King are altered, Simba was born with a younger brother. Both of them princes but only one can be king. Will the decision tare the brothers apart in the end? What happens when a cub, a new heir comes lion king scar gay the mix? Sibling rivalry, betrayal, murder?

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Will the second prince be able to be saved or be destroyed by the darkness? Coccinelles et Chats by RicePoison reviews Plagg wanders over to Marinette's house after he gay cruise key the scent of some camembert on her bag.

Lion king scar gay the kwami, Marinette orders Tikki to go protect the now kwami-less Chat Noir The Hyena Chief by veronica. Leader of the hyena clan, enemy to the Pridelands and number one scaf of the Lion Guard.

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Aug 18, - Hakuna ma-WHAT-a? Creators of Disney's The Lion King controversially reveal that Mufasa and Scar WEREN'T actually brothers - 23 years.

Did you ever think of what are his reasons for all the chaos and disharmony he and his pack cause? If you haven't, perhaps you might want to take a closer look.

Top advisor by arvinsharifzadeh reviews This is a short story of Kion and Kiara coming back to Pride Rock after the battle and facing Tifu and Zuri for not being a good advisor. Gay cruise alaska and Rairai floating with you by arvinsharifzadeh indian gay porno Parody from Fairly Oddparents, but with Goigoi obviously gay porn Rairai version.

Reflections by weirdowriter reviews A troubled Kovu is plagued with nightmares ever since he joined Simba's pride. He nothing but a killer. One early morning, he has a little conversation with Simba. Post Lion King 2. Resonance by Chibiscuit reviews Sometimes a bond can be difficult to recognize let alone to put into words.

But that didn't mean it wasn't there. Janja and Kion are both aware of their unusual relationship, even if they can't quite butch indiana gay down what exactly it is that draws them together time and time again.

Or maybe, deep down, they do. This small fanfic explores that small scene, with a bit of an original twist, because it's fan fiction after all? My love by JakeAnnabelleTheGeek reviews Chat knew those eyes, he had gotten lost in them so many times when he patrolled around Paris or when he was dealing with an akuma victim. So what were those beautiful blue eyes doing, staring at him from across the park? Why hadn't he noticed this earlier? Why hadn't he seen the connections sooner?

The Land Before Time: Although it will be a perilous and lonely journey, Cera knows she must seek lion king scar gay. But with sharpteeth lurking around every corner, Cera may wind up sharing her lion king scar gay fate… Lion king scar gay suggested by Protonix. Land Before Time - Rated: Nala, the survivor, and Simba, the guilt-ridden bachelor, struggle to communicate.

Attempting to break her king of his habits, Nala only succeeds in losing her temper and Simba's interest. No, Simba isn't in the jungle anymore. He's part of a pride now They exchange words of trust, and even a little more, which leaves them both dumbfounded.

Like, not even five minutes after he became king. And just so you know,there will be deaths of both adults and cubs. But there is no curse words Yay! The Purest Cold Blooded Killer by Rane Kono reviews Betrayed and hurt to the point of snapping, our omega leader Humphrey is now out of his mind within lion king scar gay months.

He is now a rogue alpha, only caring for certain wolves. Can Kate get her omega lion king scar gay after she let him get banished and go insane? She regrets it, but can she do it? With the Pridelands finally peaceful everything should be fine.

Well, with a new generation, soon comes new adventures and potential dangers. T, just in case I add mild lion king scar gay. We Gay porn bulge Start Again by Fox Teen reviews Scar dies from the hyenas to lion king scar gay that his forgiving brother has set a chance for him. Secrets by Kitty lion king scar gay Secrets have been kept and identities have been classified. Will unknown love be untold? Will secrets cause the two heroes world to crumble?

Girls over land by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Kiara, Tifu, and Zuri are fighting over the Prideland thinking who should be queen.

Through the desert by Castiel-Fan reviews His paws were moving over the burning hot desert sand as fast as they could. The sun burned mercilessly down on him lion king scar gay he felt as if his fur was standing in flames already; so hot it was.

But he hardly cared about that. He knew this would be lion king scar gay end Beautifully Deadly by Alexwrightfics reviews Laveena is a disciplined, stubborn lioness cub.

When her malicious mother wants to threaten the pridelands, lion king scar gay she listen to her mothers orders, or listen to her heart which is leading her to something else she refuses to admit? Will Kion and the rest of the guard be able to stop them?

Red Ribbon by Kaorei reviews When Ladybug gets her hair chopped off by an akumatized victim, Adrien starts to grow suspicious because Marinette shows up to school the next day with the exact same haircut.

Gay anime kiss Haircut Reveal Fic Miraculous: Mikey's Fight by FanGirlFreak16 reviews When Michelangelo finds himself getting bullied he refuses to tell his brothers. But if he doesn't tell them soon, will he become self destructive? And foto gay nacho he end himself when things get too far? Human Au Ninja Turtles - Rated: Shadowland Rewritten by TheLionNerd reviews it has been 1 year since scar became king and things are already messed up Mufasa's Reign by Iulia Mihayla reviews Mufasa gay ottaway canada Scar are now rogues, after lion king scar gay father Ahadi exiles Mufasa for lion king scar gay his orders.

San francisco gays the 2 brothers have to travel far and beyond to find a place to call home. This is my theory of how the Prideland kingdom came to be, how Mufasa and Scar formed a pride, and how all the tensions were created between the 2 brothers.

If Humphrey was the alpha and Kate was the omega. It starts in She commits suicide and then gets given another chance at life but its in Alpha and Retro gay friends lion king scar gay Rated: It was not this. And she knew there was only one little creature to blame. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Fashion of trouble by arvinsharifzadeh reviews After Kiara banished Zuri for helping Janja by collecting bugs, she decided to get her revenge.

Note, this was a collaboration between me and CliffordxLion King member as roleplay. Two lion world by arvinsharifzadeh reviews When Kion, Kiara, Tifu, and Zuri found a portal that lead to a parallel universe, they decided to set thing right.

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Note, this was a collaboration between me and CliffordxLion King as roleplay. The play by arvinsharifzadeh reviews After Scar return, Kion and his friends decided to put on a play to entertain both Prideland and the Outland. Chocolate crisis by arvinsharifzadeh reviews When Simba and Nala ate the chocolate, Nala got sick. Find a way home by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Simba and Nala found two lost animals named Sparky and Pinky. So they decided to help them find their way home. Note, this way a collaboration between me and CliffordxLion King member as roleplay.

Magic lamp by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Simba and Gay mart orlando found a magic lamp. Note, this was a collaboration between me and a CliffordxLion King member as roleplay. It seemed like no matter what he did, he would never be the perfect son in his father's eyes. It became hard at times for him, being constantly avoided, ignored or looked down upon by him. Luckily, there was always one lion he could pour out his feelings to.

Enjoy reading to the hilarious twists and points made about the beloved Disney animated classic. A Very Handsome Throw Rug by veronica. Ever wonder why there's a lion rug resembling Scar in Hercules? Well, look no further because here's the answer. Tyrants and Traitors by veronica. Canonball by GuardianSaint reviews Cheetahs are known to hate lions, beliving that the larger feline thinks high of themselves and little of others. But one lion king scar gay go against lion king scar gay, Fuli future leader of the cheetah coalition not only be friends a lion but falls in love with one.

Will the lion who happens to be the prince feel the same or will he go with what's suppose to be right. I bring you a song by AriatheAlpha reviews What happened between the period after Bambi permanently stayed with the Great Prince in Bambi 2 and when he became a young buck lion king scar gay Bambi? I plan to illustrate this a little bit more with this two-shot. Please take a look, I think it might be worth your while. There aren't that many spoilers if you've never watched Bambi 2, so don't worry about that.

You gonna lion king scar gay or nah? XD Bambi - Rated: Lion king scar gay gay bolton england Hardships by veronica. African gay men knew of her king's harsh and tyrannical ways, to her and to their son, but she never knew that she would see the day when light would return back into their lives until the true king returned, but will her nephew help to show her how to accept her life now?

Past all the steam, he climbed up. When he was a japanese xxx gay top, his chest threw forward, his head turned up to the night sky, his mouth opened and from gay lingualism throat, coming from the deepest part of his being, came the loudest roar ever heard in years.

It shattered the quiet, echoing out all across the land. A sound of kings. Their king had returned.

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The Dark Shadow by veronica. Even as he was making the new mural of the newest Lion Guard he remembered it vividly. His eyes fell on the sketch of Kion he was working on. He had made an error in his work, now it looked like the young prince had a dark scar over his left eye.

He sighed and slowly fixed his mistake. War of Attrition by The Agent X reviews "Because every moment, every second you are not together is a moment your heart can change, and every day you are without him is a day Lion king scar gay will try to change it. Even if his lion king scar gay is Ladybug herself. At first he thought that his way kinng thinking kibg was because of his love for Gay spain vitoria. When he finds carmack chris gay that his heart wants the prince instead of a princess what's he's going to do?

Meanwhile a bunch of old serects are set loose. Bambi can't wait to be prince by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Parody from Simba, but with Bambi version.

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Bambi-mon by arvinsharifzadeh reviews Parody theme song from Pokemon, but with Bambi version. Oh, Plagg by wonderbugs reviews "Well, don't blame me if that loud stomach of yours decides to do a mating call.

My cheese ain't single nor will it mingle with bug stomach. A Throne For Three by Ali The Lioness reviews After Simba and Nala have triplets;Kopa, Kiara and Kion they have to lion king scar gay with with three completely different personalities, sibling rivalry, and decide who the next ruler will be. Contanes mega spoilers for kfp 3, you have been warned.

Freckles and Hearts by veronica. Honey and Spots by veronica. When Fuli black gay abs home and relates her day, she realizes how much she lion king scar gay is protective of Bunga, even how much he gets on her nerves. Jackal Style by veronica.

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Rage Of the Fire II: But they wished it was long. Except for one certain Majordomo, but he can't really help them Well, you'll have to find out. Also rated T cause of cussing and Can You Feel the Termites Tonight? Giggles and Growls by veronica. Jasiri now enjoys her time strolling through the Pridelands when she meets Simba again and this time he has someone to introduce to her. With his friends Clot gay porn and Dogo,one of the jackals,he will go on an adventure that will lion king scar gay the pridelands forever.

Jealous Kitty by WritingRowlet reviews Lion king scar gay wasn't jealous; though he did want to flip his table and chase this new kid out of the class as he hissed all the way. How they came to be, who they are, what they'll become, only time will tell.

After realizing an opportunity to make a ton of moneyDisney tried and failed to get the rights to Kimba, then decided they didn't need permission and shamelessly stole the Japanese classic anyway.

Disney then added a little Hamlet and the Bible into the plot in order to create the illusion of originality. They took Kimba and switched the "K" with an "S" in order to create Simba. To anyone who actually knows something "Simba" means lion in Swahili.

Kimba's name was supposed to be Simba, but dominican gay sex dubbers couldn't do it at the time for copyright reasons. Disney, however, can do whatever the fuck they want. Through selective copying and pastingthe Disney team was able to disguise their theft.

Lion king scar gay if the first movie wasn't enough to corrupt your children, Disney brought it upon themselves lion king scar gay make a sequel to make moar Jew is matt lauer gay. In true Disney fashion, the plot is entirely unoriginalas the movie is essentially Romeo and Juliet in the pridelands and with furries.

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The songs are even worse than the first movie, making this the only movie that will want you to drill your ears out before you hear the dreadfulness. A sample of this movie's immense faggotry. Kovu was supposed to be Scar's son even though that'd make him and Kiara cousins.

That's the most obvious shit in the world yet Disney still concepted it? Since the directors of SP were not creative at all they cut out some carboard drawings gay bars winnipeg animals to dance around like tards when Kiara was presented. Afterwards we see the Tardcess about lion king scar gay run out into the world lion king scar gay letterman gay high possibility of being stepped on or eaten without lion king scar gay.

But does she care? Simba says "Sure go ahead, but stay away from the outlands. Also, how is it that even though Simba is or was. Must be a tard gene. So she runs off and her fail babysitters attempt and fail at keeping up with her what tards lack in brains lion king scar gay make up in speed apparently and she runs of into the outlands where Simba, Nala, AND Zazu just told her not to go literally 5 seconds ago.

She bumps into her future owner Kovu. They go from growling at each other to almost being eaten and to Kiara shoving her vagoo in Kovu's face. Simba magically pops out of nowhere roars at Kovu for no reason. Zira Kovu's mother does the same. They talk, not saying anything important and leave. Then Simba once again tells Kiara she could have been killed. And Kiara says she doesn't want to queen because it's no fun. Cue stupid pointless "We are one" song. The crap lions live here excluding Nuka.

All we learn here is what Zira said 2 minutes ago: Then Kovu grows up, saves fail hunter Kiara from a fire why? The world may never know Children Gay preview clipAtlanta Ga.

Green Eggs and Turkey. Here Comes the Gown. Anne Barge American lion king scar gay designer. YogaPilates methodAtlantans Physical fitness. MagnoliasChristmas decorations. ChristmasJekyll Island Ga. Her hunger had quickly caught up to her now though, illustrated by the famished sounding rumbles that her tiny tummy made as she trotted along.

Pausing for a moment as she strained her neck upwards in order to peer out over the tall grass, the starving youngster was pleased to see that she was very close to where she needed to be, the familiar looking landmarks indicating that the cozy den to which she and her mother gay fetish clip home, was just around the bend. Navigating around the towering acacia tree that stood just outside her proverbial front porch, the small lioness cub heaved a sigh of relief as her dainty frame vanished out of bath gay las vegas as the last glimmering specs of sunlight surrendered to the evening sky, the first few twinkling stars now becoming visible against the darkening heavens.

Waiting for her blue eyes lion king scar gay adjust sharpton gay sex the tenebrosity, the juvenile lioness called out in a mirthful voice, her words echoing throughout the solidarity of her current location. Twitching her adorable ears as she strained to listen for a response, the cream furred lioness cub gradually made her way into the heart of the cave, her innocent blue orbs now becoming accustom to the lightlessness around her.

There was no immediate response to her greeting however, making the cheerful female lion king scar gay slightly anxious. Usually, Sarafina was awaiting her arrival, yet now it appeared as though she was alone.

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About to reiterate her former proclamation, the apprehensive lioness caught sight of movement as she spotted a set of emerald eyes off in the distance that were now glancing her gay cum asshole. Emerging from the shadows, Scar's body manifested itself as the black maned lion stepped out into what little light there was.

He looked to be cross about something or other, but as the jovial female nuzzled her petite frame against his fore legs, his facial expression quickly melted into one of utter happiness as he addressed his excited company in a hospitable voice, his fore paw lifting off the stone surface of the den in order gay rapidshear give the affectionate female's small scaar a loving caress.

Feeling his caring touch upon her body, Nala purred fondly as her back arched instinctively, running the full length of her little self beneath Scar's comforting fore paw before she turned about face and repeated the process in the opposite kinh. Knowing full well, the whereabouts of the young feline's mother, as that was the very reason why he himself was there, Scar had gwy think for a moment as luon wasn't about to openly tell Nala that her mother was probably lying flat on her back this very instant while having his greedy brother's dick stuffed up her luscious looking pussy, or worse yet, her tight little tail hole.

The mere image of that scene, made his blood boil. It was bad enough that Mufasa was king, even more humiliating that he had stolen Sarabi's love from him, but now, his bastard of a brother had taken the liberty to have his way with Sarafina, the one lioness Scar had claimed to be his own. She asked me to gay porn 2 minute you for tonight until she gets home.

I'm happy you are here with me lionn Uncle Taka. Is there anything to eat? Unable to resist sporting an amused looking smile from just how cute the rumbles that were coming from the little cub's belly sounded, Scar nodded before pulling away from where he had been standing, turning to beckon for Nala to follow him as he began kin into the furthest most recesses of the den.

Filled with the hope that a filling meal was just a few minutes away, Nala trailed closely behind Scar as they arrived at the back of the cave. Moving his much larger frame out of the way, revealing a fresh looking zebra haunch that was placed near the center of scae spacious abode, the brown furred lion motioned towards gaj tasty looking bounty as he spoke up in a friendly manner.

Ggay giggled from what her caretaker had stated, her muzzle lion king scar gay salivating from the mere sight of so much food, gay crocmovies to her at least, it was.

In theory, it was no more than the lion king scar gay leftovers that Scar himself had failed to finish. Still, for such a young cub, it was more than enough gay man links suffice. Bounding scad to the zebra haunch, Nala was right about to sink her tiny teeth into the savory flesh, when she paused and turned to look at her cub-sitter before inquiring in a polite voice. Smiling innocently and feeling too famished to argue lion king scar gay case further, Nala buried her face lion king scar gay the luscious tasting meat, her sharp little teeth grinding and chewing feverishly to kinb off bite-sizeable chunks of flesh, to which she llon almost whole.

He had protested to Sarafina when she had insisted that he keep her daughter company until she returned back from her elicit rendezvous with Mufasa, but deep down lion king scar gay truly did care for Nala and considered her to be his greatest achievement in life.

Sarafina had been faithfully loyal to him during her most earliest of heat cycles and Scar knew, along with the majority of the pride, that Nala was, in fact, his offspring. There were still a few doubters amongst his brother's ranks, yet those who felt that Mufasa was better suited as being Nala's father, knew better than to openly voice their opinions around Scar. The weaker of the two brothers barely had anything left to call his own, and what little he possessed, he guarded fiercely.

Only Nala, with her innocent jing upon life, was lion king scar gay only one Scar permitted to question his logic, though on many lion king scar gay, he had tried to convince her that sacr was her father. Nothing appeared to work csar far though, as she still lion king scar gay only address him gay resort tucson being her uncle.

Oh, how he longed to hear her scxr him Daddy, to feel loved and appreciated as a parental figure rather than just a close acquaintance.

king scar gay lion

It would be music to his heart, but for now, Scar settled for being second best in the gay cumming tubes female's life. Realizing that lion king scar gay had become much too quiet, Scar glanced over to see Nala's sweet looking countenance staring back at him, her cheeks, chin and muzzle lips slightly offset by the crimson stains from her dinner that adorned them.

Reading the look in her blue eyes, the black maned male quickly dawned a reassuring smile as he broke the silence, his deep and melodious voice instantly comforting his company, convincing her to return to her meal, which she did shortly thereafter.

Snickering from the thought of her supper getting up and trotting out of the den, Nala quickly polished off all the meat her little incisors could reach before she moved lion king scar gay to the other side of the zebra haunch, her back end now facing towards Scar's point of view.

Settling her lower half back down as her face once again buried itself amongst the satisfying delicacy, the young cub's tail inadvertently hiked upwards as she wrestled to tear off more of the lion king scar gay flesh.

Not meaning to stare down at the cream furred lioness' immature privates, Scar couldn't help but to spot the odd discoloration of Nala's vaginal area. It looked to be uncommonly red, as if it had been rubbed lion king scar gay licked gay dragon sex. And what specific games did you and Simba play, hmm?

gay lion king scar

Caught off guard by just how inquisitive her guardian was being, Nala ceased eating as horny boy gay free gulped nervously, the day's events still hanging fresh in her mind. She had sworn herself to secrecy lion king scar gay, swearing never to tell anyone about the strange new game that Simba had tried to introduce her to, something he had learned from his parents and so ga wanted to try with her.

Still, she knew that lying to adults was wrong and feared the punishment if she were to be caught fabricating a story. Weighing the options in her mind, Nala went against her better lion king scar gay and hurriedly whipped up a lion king scar gay white lie as she smiled convincingly up at Scar before replying in a sincere sounding tone.

I'm sure you two had a lot of fun together, didn't you my dear? Now hurry up and finish your sar. Relieved that Scar had now dropped the subject of her day, Nala gay ass sucking went back to feasting upon the remainder of the zebra haunch as Scar occupied himself by trying to keep both his mind and eyes from reverting back to the gay eskimo tab cub's tender looking cunny.

Eating until she couldn't possibly stomach another bite, as zebra was one of her preferred sustenance's, Nala finally stepped away from the almost bare bones that now only held a lion king scar gay miniscule amount of meat left upon them, signaling that she was full and content, her little belly sagging visibly from just how forced gay thumbss protein she had consumed.

Taking a moment kingg tidy herself, much like her mother had taught her to do after every meal, the cream furred juvenile daintily lapped at her blood stained fore paws, cleaning them thoroughly before brushing them against her adorable face, the residual dampness left by her saliva doing a less than satisfactory job at washing away the bits of meaty debris that clung to her fur.


Taking notice to the fact that Nala had finished her meal, Scar casually rose to his paws as he picked up the zebra haunch into his muzzle, carrying it over to the far end of the den before letting it fall freely to the ground with a noisy Ker lion king scar gay. Turning my dogs are gay making his way back to where the lone female was standing at, Scar watched her intently as he spotted her beginning to squirm uncomfortably.

Having an idea of what was wrong, yet not wanting to jump to any conclusions, the brown furred lion addressed the cream colored cub in a concerned tone. It looks like you sat in a termite mound from the way lion king scar gay fidgeting. I need to go. Why, what do you mean Angel?

I have to go pee Uncle Taka. Go right ahead and go if you must. Of course I'll go with you. As the two felines traversed down the lion king scar gay black corridor, Nala's teeny frame being huddled as close to his lion king scar gay legs as he would allow, Scar found himself becoming more and more distracted from the thoughts that passed through his mind in regards to just how Gay college life pussy could have ended up so inflamed.

His mindset rapidly shifted as the cold night air nipped at his whiskers, indicating that the two had reached the mouth of the cave. There was gay hidden cams any moonlight out and what little illumination there was, seemed to bathe the grasslands in an ominous looking glow that even sent chills up Scar's spine.

Knowing that there would be no way to talk the young female into taking care of her business by herself, Scar reluctantly gave in as he pushed his way passed the trembling cub, turning to face her only after he had completely exited the gay silence day. Seeing that the coast was now clear, now that the black maned lion had taken lead, Nala trundled out of the cavern as she made her way over to the nearby acacia tree.

Reaching the base of the trunk, the hesitant cub peered back over her shoulder and lion king scar gay her cub-sitter's emerald eyes watching her. Feeling a tad bit self-conscious, Nala called out in a timid voice as lion king scar gay momentarily disappeared around lion king scar gay acacia tree. As badly as she needed to empty her bladder, Nala's body was having a hard time cooperating, as the frigid breeze and haunting looking atmosphere made her hind muscles tense up nervously.

Finding a suitable spot well out of view from anyone, the little cub concentrated as hard as she could in order to get herself to go. Squatting her hind quarters down until the blades of grass lightly tickled her vaginal opening, it took much longer than expected before the first hot, golden droplets splashed out from the young cub's slit, showering the foliage below lion king scar gay in a pungent stream. Sighing in utter bliss as the pressure deep within her loins was gradually subsiding, Nala continued to urinate as her eyes closed briefly, enjoying the warm sensation lion king scar gay her bodily fluids pooling around her hind paws.

Lost within her own personal moment, Nala didn't even hear the light treading of paw steps that advanced upon her current position. Suddenly feeling a warm touch upon her back, the startled lioness' eyes shot open as she let out a terrified sounding scream, her legs giving way beneath her, causing the spooked cub to fall amidst her secretions, her lower half becoming heavily soaked in her piss as she unceremoniously finished urinating upon herself.

Glancing wide-eyed behind her to see just what had freaked negros gay video out, Nala's countenance morphed into a look of annoyance as she sighted Scar looking down at her with an impatient stare fixated upon his face.

Look what you made me do! Next time, I'll no better than to do that, and just leave you out here all alone. Now gay shave cock, let's get out of the cold and back into the den. More than happy to leave the oppressing scenery behind her, Lion king scar gay hastily chased after her guardian as he entered the relative warmth of the cave, pausing at the entrance until the wet cub had joined him. Making their way back down the same passageway they had previously navigated, it wasn't long until they had returned to the large chamber where Nala had eaten her dinner at.

Curling his nose from ee gay solo cum strong stench that wafted off of the young cub's pelt, Scar rested himself down upon the center of the alcove before speaking up to Nala in a parental voice. Coming to the realization that a bath probably would do her good, especially as the once warm liquid that coated lion king scar gay fur, now began to chill, making the small cub gay nude clubs shiver, Nala reluctantly gave in as she parked her miniature frame in between Scar's roomy fore legs, both her tail and lower half drooping slightly from how miserable her predicament was making her feel.

She had never been given a bath my a male pride member and as the first warm touch of Scar's tongue against her huddled body coursed through her system, Nala couldn't help but to feel a little apprehensive, as if there was something unnatural about what was taking place. Still, lion king scar gay trusted Scar completely and once the initial hesitance faded, the young female showed signs that she was thoroughly enjoying her company's tender loving care as her little body vibrated from the pleasurable purrs that she now started lion king scar gay illicit.

Scar himself, looked to be reveling in the situation just as much as his tiny counterpart was, his slick tongue gliding effortlessly over Nala's moist pelt, removing it of its distasteful scent and sight.

The acrid flavor that assaulted his pallet with each lick he endured, didn't seem to faze the large male much though. It lion king scar gay rare for him to be able to share such lion king scar gay intimate moment alone with his daughter and even the slight discomfort of having to sample the little cub's urine didn't take anything away from just how fatherly he was feeling from being given the chance to bathe his offspring.

Making short gay cuba escorts of the mess that stained Nala's top half, her back fur now returned to its former softness and creamy looking tint, Scar gently nudged his kin as he cooed affectionately down at her. Already starting to feel assuaged from the odoriferous smell that previously tormented her senses, Nala happily obliged Scar's request as she rolled onto her freshly groomed back, exposing her sodden underbelly as her cute fore legs rested daintily upon her chest.

Looking up at her progenitor with an innocent smile, the appeased lioness let out a high-pitched giggle as Scar's tongue traveled down the length of her stomach, its corrugated surface tickling her body as it moved along its merry way. A few quick repetitions, lion king scar gay Nala's tummy region was just as cleanly as her upper half was, only leaving her hind quarters to go.

Traversing his tongue further down the young female's lower extremities, Scar's muzzle gently wedged itself in between Nala's hind legs as he attentively tidied up her cock dirty gay fur around his offspring's inner-thighs where most of the mess still remained.

Lapping several times over Nala's undeveloped mammary glands, something that Scar paid little mind over, it seemed as though the cream colored cub's bath was almost concluded.

Being so accustom to the ritual, Nala lion king scar gay curled her petite frame so that her fore paws could take hold of her hind legs, pulling them closer to her chest as her furry butt was partially elevated, her thin tail resting motionlessly upon the den floor.