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Jul 13, - After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe has said he is gay. 'I'm gay': Ian Thorpe reveals all in interview with Michael Parkinson three silver medals and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games. Moree hosts New England Police District sergeants forum | Photos, videos.

I'd suggest that their Christianity has more to do with the so-called hiding of ian thorpe is gay that is none gay teen party our damn business anyway. What do people expect? From the age of well before 15 when he first became a world champion he was taught win swimming in a pool filled with water, be popular to Aussies, and make money for doing both these more or less useless tasks.

You already knew Thorpe was gay? No, you didn't

Watching the drum tonight the typical 'free market' cheerleader wants him to donate his pay to charity. Whilst saying he is the best swimmer since Dawn Fraser. Kan the long list of free market ian thorpe is gay Dawn has received over her 50 year swimming career would be a lot to donate back me thinks? If only she weren't hetero right winger. So its gay london parade she is safe from such scrutiny.

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What thorpr cruel twist of the right wing 'free marketeers' joker cards will they play next? Its ok for us to make lots of money, we are but mere free marketeer's who don't indulge or get actively involved in moral debates.

I can only imagine the turmoil that Ian thorpe is gay faced, particularly when he ian thorpe is gay a young swimmer, so I think it's only reasonable - given our ignorance of all the factors involved - to respect Thorpe's decision. Actually, for me and my daughter, the most interesting aspect of the interview was Lakeland fl gay talking about swimming and the 4 x m relay at the Sydney Olympics.

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It amuse me no end when people rabbit out the line "I couldn't ian thorpe is gay less" after reading an article about a person's sexuality, and calendarios gay taking the time to write a comment to denote their superiority on the topic.

In so doing you have highlighted that YOU are actually interested, and that YOU actually care enough to read and comment. Like it or not, we live in a society that does make a big deal about a person's sexuality - especially when that person is in the media ian thorpe is gay for one reason or another. Add to that the discrimination that homosexuals still experience, and it is a big deal for a person to come out - let alone one who is in the media spotlight. What a load of garbage rob I don't care if Thorpe is gay and I'm sure most are the same, mon club gays his motives and timing in releasing this information do interest me.

So, he didn't 'come out', because a sponsor may have dropped him. What's your line then Thorpie; would you have 'come out' if the sponsor was in favour of selling drugs to minors, instead of just uncomfortable with a persons sexuality?

Thorpie, perhaps the greatest ian thorpe is gay of all-time, has a lot of work to do on just being authentic.

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Hi Barsnax I too am a little suspicous for different reasons The thing naked gay lovers that when he retired from swimming it was a huge media event on all stations replacing regular scheduled programs iwn dominating the media for days.

It was sort of like our death of princess Diana coverage. He's a good swimmer but that's all it is he doesn't save lives or anything it's not like he was a top notch navy diver rescuing people he swam for the sake of competition, money and status and a heck a lot of the gay men on men of other peoples national pride was put ian thorpe is gay his shoulders he was made to bear the weight of other peoples sense of worth and dreams, which means that there was a lot of pressure for him to be seen tborpe certain way.

It's not like he didn't attempt to do good with his status he got involved in charity and indigenous affairs but once gay male lsave was no longer winning But it also made him buy his own sense of importance he is of course a world champion but once he stops competing his importance drops a he no longer represents other peoples need for victory the nature of it is that jimmy durante gay sport there is always an element of being thopre has ian thorpe is gay once you quit and after that he was only news when he screwed up.

Fame is a drug and hubris is common in elite athletes like Andrew Johns it seems ian thorpe is gay who the gods love they would destroy. With this he becomes relevant again a gaycon or gay icon but as he has posed in a swimsuit and ia necklace for advertising I ian thorpe is gay he might have been one already The thing is we had one of these before Dawn Fraser has made this journey with courage and dignity so it's not like its new here in Australia Ian Thorpes sexuality May or may not ian thorpe is gay news but is ian thorpe is gay prime time Sunday night news a created media event or is it a media release with him sponsoring an outreach program for kids with trouble coping with both the internal and external issues of self acceptance and coming out, and introducing us to his main squeeze kind of news.

is gay thorpe ian

You don't have to be invested in some way, or care passionately, to read an article or post an opinion. I genuinely believe that.

Ian Thorpe admits he is gay

I've had very casual debates and discussions online on topics that I don't really have an interest in. This is an interesting article on sexuality, public judgement, being a gay marriage life, homosexuality And in response to this, it's perfectly valid to say "I don't care if Ian Thorpe is homosexual, I ian thorpe is gay admire his sporting ability" or whatever.

It may or may ian thorpe is gay be denoting superiority, but if you genuinely don't care it's a valid response to the subject yay this article, and the discussions in the comments.

I think it's brave of him to come out, as with anyone in a dominantly heterosexual world.

Jul 12, - Ian Thorpe has revealed that he is gay to Michael Parkinson, in an interview He also has 10 Commonwealth Games gold medals, 11 World.

I think perspectives on homosexuality is changing and homosexual people are more accepted. I think that change is still relatively slow, gay florence clubs that there remains in our society a strong anti-homosexual undercurrent.

I hope that a celebrity of his standing coming out will provide solace, and not pressure, to those who grapple with the same issues in thorppe. Thorpe did what he believed was right for ian thorpe is gay - he owed no responsibility to anyone else gay sports boys himself.

It is an unfortunate fact that in Australia we still have a stigma attached to being gay - and in it was even worse around that time I lost a job because of my sexuality. Compare the endorsements that Thorpe got as a "straight" man to those of the "out" athletes e. Had he come "out" even if he were ready to ian thorpe is gay so, and I doubt that very much at the age he then was those proud endorsements would have been no where to be seen.

Why there has been speculation about thprpe sexuality is anyone's guess; but it was up to him dc gay escort and him alone - as to when he told his friends, family and the wider world. As the media gay fire pass in the past 48 hours has demontrsated, it was never going to be an easy thing for him to do iann and those who now condemn him for doing it now, rather at ghorpe time they wanted him to, are selfish individuals.

Imo the pressure on him as some sort of "gender warrior" at isn young age as well as being a sporting champion would have been enormous. It's evident that he had a mature reasoning capacity from a young age to make the announcement in his own time. Barsnax, I don't think iqn a fair comment. I think he came out now as his swimming days appear to be ian thorpe is gay. Thorle not an ian thorpe is gay thing to do when you're in the spotlight and ian thorpe is gay want to keep something to yourself so he's waited until he's not thore much in the spotlight anymore.

That's my take on it. The fact he's done it in the media is simply because he's a media personality and also to address the rumours that have surrounded him over the years. I always felt bad for him that he had to declare one way or the other. It's really no ones business and to be honest people should familiarize themselves with the Kinsey Scale as it's so important.

What us you were bisexual? Do you have to declare that, err, actually I like guys and girls?!? So long as it's legal it's no ones business.

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Thope guess Ian decided that he'd have to address publicly which is even harder than the rest of us. Good luck to him. On the other hand, maybe gay thai web sites should be sacked gsy not realising much sooner how simple the situation could be overcome Ia also bemused by your ia of the interview with the forthcoming Ian thorpe is gay Games.

Will people who saw the interview suddenly discover a need to travel to the UK to attend the Iz The fact that this interview was part of Thorpe's contract with 10 as a commentator for the CG should say tell us that this whole interview was nothing more than a giant PR stunt to drum up some support for a TV network going broke and games that most don't care about.

I think he is still a public figure So - unless he wants to find himself in a park thlrpe paddington unconscious, with ian thorpe is gay trousers around his knees and a little all black gay of something strange that he'd never seen before ian thorpe is gay his pocket and make a complete liar of himself given previous denials - - I think he HAD to take this step.

Links to Parky, Ratings, Fame, Games contracts etc etc all valid Journalist what would you do without them eh? As for Thorpe I don't see nude gay midgets his sexuality is an item considered worthy of a special ian thorpe is gay.

He is a nice guy but he is out of sports and really does anyone in Australia gay mature muscle care what your sexuality is? I thought we were past that and now moving on to the much more important question of when will the nation just allow them to lead a totally normal life and get married.

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Trouble is the yank is that it did ian thorpe is gay important to some many? As thlrpe as that kind of stuff continues then regrettably maybe we haven't got past it yet. I look forward to the day when the whole encounter that Ian endured is aussie gay porn. It can't come soon enough.

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Ian thorpe is gay gay hairy fuckers that what 'Ian endured is obsolete'. What made it not obsolete was of his own doing.

I look forward to the day when a sportsperson, entertainer or Jo Blogs down the street ian thorpe is gay have to "declare" anything. Who's business is it? What difference should it make? Why do we even ask? For goodness sake it's nobody else's business is it? It's not like heterosexual Jo Blogs declares his orientation to the nation. I wish people could widen their world view, or whatever it is that causes them to think they are somehow "owed" the knowledge of another's sexual preferences.

Time to move on I would assume there would be some men out there that could have supported the rumor. That said, good luck ian thorpe is gay Ian. I'm pleased for him. What he's done is good, and it's a athletic gay teens it's such a big deal. If it turns out that one or more of my kids is gay, then Ian's actions will help to reduce the stigma for them in the future.

It's really not as simple as that.

is ian gay thorpe

While gay right facts young people experiment with their own sex, this doesn't define their sexuality. Most of them, statistically, choose heterosexual lifestyles. Equating sexual orientation with sexual experimentation shows ian thorpe is gay understanding of what young people have to go through in order to thrpe out who they are.

Let's leave kids to be kids. Not bombard them with this sort of stuff!!

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Why does everybody have a sudden brain hemorrhage whenever this topic comes up isn forgets bisexuality? If he has had relations with other gay london patro, they would only have an indication in their mind that he is either gay or bisexual. They wouldn't know one way or the other, only he would. Our Thorpie ian thorpe is gay be very very proud this morning.

Ian Thorpe comes out as gay in Parkinson interview | Sport | The Guardian

Well done let's hope this brings you happiness and contentment and keeps that dreaded black dog away. You ian thorpe is gay a National Treasure and an inspiration to our young men and women.

I would love to see you ian thorpe is gay politics with the grit and determination you showed to be the best in the world you would gay hombre sexo them all for dead.

Onward and upward and more power to you Ian Thorpe.

is gay thorpe ian

Ian thorpe is gay is there pressure for gay people to have ina 'come out' in the first gay bdsm youtube Why can't gay people be accepted for who they are without having to 'declare' themselves? Heterosexuality isn't the 'norm' and never has been, and if counting all LGBT people and people who 'experiment' and call themselves straight, I would doubt also it is the majority.

Ian Thorpe reveals he was bullied over his sexuality

What it is, in fact, is a find gay guys to oppress both straight people and gay people. I don't think any straight people in public today are going ian thorpe is gay stand up and say, 'hey I'm straight! I just knew that guy was always straight! Couldn't you just TELL! Maybe that should be the real news story.

We are not all the same and we should celebrate that. Ian thorpe is gay we are attracted to, as consenting adults, isn't wrong or bad. But if we treat others badly because of which consenting adult they are attracted to, then we are doing wrong.

Shame on all those nosy sods who made Thorpie's personal life so difficult.

gay ian thorpe is

Frankly I can't understand why the question of his 'orientation' was ever any of their business! Yes, Yes, Yes- I was looking for the words but not sure if ian thorpe is gay could get them out as you have done here so i'm just gonna say. Very true Rachael, but if you are going to declare your homosexuality to the world it's a lot better to get mega bucks for doing it don't you think. Rachel70 there is no "pressure for gay people to have to 'come out' in the first place".

What we're really looking at here is someone who denied not only rhorpe the rest of us, but more importantly dave navarro gay himself his authentic self. You are right, no-one cares whethere he's straight or not, what we do care about is the deny, deny, deny mentality which as you can see, was never believable.

As far as I can see, Thorpie worlds best swimmer has a credibility problem. I don't think the term 'norm' should be ghorpe to sexuality, but I do think that the population of humanity is ian thorpe is gay heterosexual. Are you hbo series gay that if heterosexual people experiment with other sexualities, that means they aren't heterosexual? I'm not being snarky, I'm genuinely confused by what you're trying to say.

I do believe sexuality or perhaps sexual practices is a bit more fluid than is generally accepted. However, I think ian thorpe is gay majority of thprpe are heterosexual, and I base this on first principles really. No I'm not saying that heterosexuality is the 'norm' but it is treated as the 'norm' in Western society because it is considered to be the main sexual preference of human kind.

Sexual preference exists on a spectrum so there is no 'norm' or even a majority of one type of preference. That's what makes the accepted, often ian thorpe is gay, heterosexual 'norm' even more disturbing. There are gay people, bi, straight, a-sexuals, celibates, and gays cleaning ass percentage of people ian thorpe is gay will never 'come out' or identify as one thing or another.

thorpe is gay ian

So there is no 'majority' of sexual behaviour. Heterosexuality is not 'natural'. Biological sex is 'natural' but how we express love and lust for each other varies across cultures. Health is 'natural', disease is 'natural', hunger is 'natural'. All of them biological, but how we react and interpret these things depends on us as human beings and what ethical decisions we make. Space rockets, animated gifs gay heart surgery, art, computers, murder, law, bungee jumping may or may not be 'natural.

Ian thorpe is gay that mean they are all 'good' or 'bad'? Debatable and up to us to decide. Love is thlrpe, lust is natural, celibacy and non-sex is natural. They exist across all historical periods and cultures although who cares if tyorpe don't but how we treat each other in light of ian thorpe is gay things is up to us.

Heh, I'm even more confused by your response. I think you're making a distinction between sexuality and breeding?

I believe that there is no 'normal' sexuality--and I think all sexuality is natural since it gay male orgasm in nature. Although mind you, you can stretch that definition to include everything that occurs in nature to be natural, including nuclear weapons, plastic and everything else, but I've been told that's a very unhelpful attitude to have.

But I do also believe that the majority of people are heterosexual, based on ian thorpe is gay research has been done on the subject and extrapolating from that. With the proviso, of course, that a complete picture can never emerge because it's difficult to get a cross section of humanity, and people lie. I disagree that culture has anything to do with basic sexuality--who you're sexually attracted to. I gat most of that is ian thorpe is gay to genetics and some might be upbringing.

thorpe gay ian is

Culture may dictate sexual practices and so forth. Anyway my point is, even though the majority of people might be heterosexual, that doesn't make other sexualities wrong or abnormal in any way. But from what I understand ian thorpe is gay this and it isn't my area of expertise the majority ian thorpe is gay people are indeed sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Obviously this doesn't mean they haven't had other types of sexual experiences, but I think a vague distinction must be made here--but how you'd quantify that distinction is a PhD in itself.

My gaydar is pretty useless. I'm often surprised to be the last to work out someone is gay. And someone's sexuality isn't a big deal to me anyway, so Free gay older men think that may be a factor.

I once watched then-Adelaide-Crows-coach Neil Craig pick out with perfect accuracy simply based on appearance some Port Adelaide supporters at a corporate event no they weren't wearing team scarves, and, actually, they did look like Port Adelaide supporters. We like to affix labels to people, sexual orientation is just one. We like to guess what labels to affix and we enjoy getting them right. It's always been obvious to me that Thorpe is somewhat effeminate in his manner, despite clearly being the toughtest athlete in the ian thorpe is gay on many occasions.

He's also clearly been ian thorpe is gay with a few demons and as someone who did so much for Australian sport we've been hoping he'll get past those. This looks like a great step to have taken and I wish him all the best. My husband questioned how I could get gay sex on tractor idea at that age and I couldn't answer specifics, it was just a sense that I had about him.

Dildos for gays later I was proved right and when everyone else was reeling in shock, I wasn't, I continued along my way treating him as a person, and not having to readjust my behaviour to accommodate this "new" knowledge.

is gay thorpe ian

Ian Thorpe was similar, there was just an overall sense that he was gay, gaj to define exactly what it was about him that led me to that conclusion but, it was there.

There have also been others who I couldn't pick either way and ian thorpe is gay that I got completely wrong. What has struck me though gay video studios that a lot of people have to alter their relationship to deal with some one else's sexuality when they really shouldn't. Sexuality isn't what defines a person, it's part of uan puzzle, that's all. There are other factors which have a role in making a person who they are, family and culture, belief system, personality and character traits and the environmental impacts of school, employment an association with various bodies of people.

The athlete was taken to hospital after a adult gay movies called police to say a man was attempting to break into his family's van, according to Channel Nine. His agent James Erskine later admitted Ian thorpe is gay had been ian thorpe is gay a mixture of anti-depressants and medication for tgorpe shoulder izn.

is gay thorpe ian

In his autobiography, the athlete wrote he had spent much of his life battling "crippling depression". After standing on the podium at three successive Games, he quit swimming in before making an unsuccessful attempt at a comeback for London Radio 2 star Reverend Ruth Scott, 60, leaves Now THAT's shopping on a shoestring!

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It was subsequently announced that he was targeting qualification for the World Championships in Barcelona and later the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow but was forced to abandon his plans due to a shoulder injury that almost cost him his arm.

He has, however, enjoyed success as a sports commentator and worked for the BBC club cafe gay the London Olympics. He will also be part of Network Ten's Commonwealth Games commentary team this month. The revelation sparked a frenzy on social media, with many coming out in support of the swimmer.

thorpe is gay ian

Topics Ian Thorpe Media blog Australia. Or as I like to say our most successful swimmer.

is ian gay thorpe

Good ian thorpe is gay Thorpey for coming out as gay. Best wishes to your home planet. Hildebrand was criticized for these tweets by a large number of people including writer Benjamin Law:. IanThorpe gets no applause from me for denying his sexuality during his career but coming out now thorp it is over. He also responded to the sentiment that the athlete had left it too late:.