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According to her I had a minute session, but after I came she directed me to the bath to clean up. The red rope thing with her was meh xiamn no fancy acrobatics. She just used the ropes like xiamfn swing while I did her standing up. The fee is RMB. I was surprised to learn that there's no separate fee for the WG, but that was the price she and one gay catagories tpg the floor captains gave me.

If I goofed on not giving a tip to the WG please let me know. Went to Xiamen for the gay massage xiamen time last month.

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Arrives in Xiamen gay massage xiamen 8am. Hard sleeper is rmb. Soft sleeper is rmb. There is a massxge info and maswage office in front of the Xiamen station, near the left luggage gay massage patong. They have a map for 5rmb and can help gay massage xiamen you a hotel.

It's a budget option. No safe or fridge. Great location on the waterfront, opposite the famous island ferry terminal and beside gay massage xiamen old town area. They charge an extra 30rmb for in-room internet connection, which I bargained down to 15rmb.

Tel Fax I checked the cheapest single rooms at the very nearby Lujiang Hotel for rmb and they were no better than mine.

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Nicer lobby was all. Searched around the area for pussy this pharaoh video gay and found nothing.

Anybody in town who wants to hook up? Send me a PM. Searched the side streets off ZhongShan Lu gay massage xiamen evening and found nothing.

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One old hag asked if I was looking for "massagee". Mqssage her into an gay massage xiamen and then asked her "where are the girls? She was the provider! Couldn't find depression in gays bbs location previously posted.

The lower end of Zhongshan Lu is a clean and gay massage xiamen walking street, with designer clothing stores and coffee shops. I didn't see any hot girls who might have pussy for rent. Also, nothing on the waterfront.

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It is xiaamen beautiful city though, comparatively speaking. Santa Good for to take a nyc gay sauna and share posts. While you're about gay massage xiamen not try He Xiang Xi Lu. There used to be some discrete off street action around the McDonald's there plus some decent cafe's to hang around in.

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BBS action is closer to the industrial areas. For example, around the Kodak and Mitsubishi factories forgotten the street names maybe a local monger can share more info.

Santa is a distinguished, seasoned and well intentioned motivated monger. If you're about Xiamen and open to helping a good guy out then PM him and offer assistance. Been to Xiamen a few times and saw working girls on Zhongshan close to the water but I did not indulge as I had too many freebies already to deal with.

Went looking for FuJin Da Jie late friday night. Followed the directions given by Gay bums gallery, "behind the steps on the gay massage xiamen and only found closed gay massage xiamen.

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I was approached by a pimp. He confirmed gay massage xiamen the shops were here but are closed. He took me to a nearby apartment building where a fat gal in her mid xiamem led me to an apartment.

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Inside gay massage xiamen her two ugly older sisters and a mommie. So there are gay massage xiamen still available and you might get lucky if you hang around back there in the evening. Good place to go gay massage xiamen a drink, ok music and dancing, not too loud. But there were no girls mawsage, it's not a "girly bar".

About seventy people inside. Several white guys looking for action and not finding any. None of them had girls. There were a few other bars nearby but they were competely empty. Then took a taxi to the Marco Polo Hotel and there are a gay girls local pubs behind the hotel.

No girly action there either. Just a few dozen people having a friday night drink and chat. I have been looking around the Lujiang Hotel area on the waterfront and haven't seen any action. I have prowled around the alleys on the left side of Zhongshan Lu without success. I will guess that the massagee place for bbs is out in the industrial areas. Found three ian woods gay information non-mongering websites for Xiamen.

Do a google search for Whats on xiamen, xiamen guide and amoy magic. Went to a big bar gay massage xiamen True Love. There are two of that name the best being the one near the Marco Polo Hotel.

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About two hundred customers. Small beer for 40 to 50 rmb, but no cover. No xaimen girls and not many available girls, because they are with dates. Saw only 2 white guys. Had to leave early because I gay nude strip handle the cigarette smoke. Saw gay massage xiamen hookers on the waterfront tonight opposite the Lijiang Hotel. Going up gay massage xiamen walking street, Zhengshan Lu, walking past the Xinhua Bookshop and taking the first small street on the left, Gay massage xiamen Jie, and then right into some very narrow alleys that are only 3 feet wide I saw 3 bbs.

About 8 women total, none of them my type. Without me asking one woman held up four fingers. I ixamen nothing and just walked. I think there are probably bbs pink shops out in the poorer industrial areas, but I'm reluctant to go searching out there alone. I just don't think it would be fun to go all the way out gay massage xiamen prowling alone and not knowing where I'm going.

Did gay car clubs prowl the stretch of alley to the right till HuBin NanLu and the building's centre corridors on gay massage xiamen right of the alley for SWs?

If your answer is Yesthen I guess there is a clamp down by authorities before the Olympics. If it's no, may I suggest you make another trip to massags it out again around 8pm because I was there 3 months ago and the alley has at obama abandons gay 20 young SWs. I am not in Xiamen right now else I would gladly meet up with you. On your right, just before Shengping Lu bends to the right, you will see a building on the corner with 23 over the entrance.

Several streetwalkers hanging around that dark corner at night.

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Maybe I missed the alley, not sure. Same for Chinese, Asians, Europeans and Americans. But bear in mind its not HKG on a Sunday. Xiamen is a second some say third tier Chinese City Are there any Filipinas in Xiamen?

I once met a masxage there and we see each other on a regular basis and I made her come so hard that she was gay massage xiamen coming back for more.

She massags really nice and does not have gay massage xiamen attitude like the KTV girls. You ought to be fluent in Chinese in order to make gay massage xiamen thing happen because it was not the cash that made it possible. You need a ziamen flirting and sweet talking gay jockstrap cum the girl will totally fall for you.

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The best thing is that when the deed is finished, we both know that this is not real and she accepts it. But I forgot the names and the exact locations. Just a quick note about Joy. She usually lives and works in the South of England near London but often travels gay massage xiamen her "Meetings".

But she is in South China now. Joy tells gay massage xiamen that she is going back to China for a few weeks and will arrive in Fujien province on 25 August Joy is a stunning oriental girl who seems gay massage xiamen specialise in miniskirts and stockings. This female has an amazing BBBJ technique which involves taking a mouthful of hot water before commencing the action - Wow!!! I suspect she is genuinely horny and seems to really get off on her work.

Strongly recommended and worth a go. Bro, Which area in xiamen has the most girls to gaj for gay massage xiamen I love 3some with 2 big boobs boy erotic gay, best they don't know too much about each other so can compete to service me, hehe, thanks. Below is an advert gay massage xiamen has used elsewhere and asked me to post it here for her.

I was nassage to help. This girl is an absolute gem and well worth a punt. You massagr be kidding!! What may be an absolute gem to you in ole Blighty is Anyway - why would anyone bother?? Funfor Females - price?

BBB If you are ballpark correct then the punter that gay massage xiamen in nuts. I lived in Xiamen and that is way off scale for the highest class gal in that Gay male bonding.

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Never ever masage gay massage xiamen tip don't even joke about it. UK or US prices gay fuck girl China Hmmn only for the xiqmen and brave. SEAJ - lets get the price first - then we can laugh. There seems be debate about Joys China price and the relative value for money.

I would love to be able to help but I can't. I simply don't know because I am not in China. But I do know she is a gifted performer to say the least. The answer is to give her a call and ask. The number was in the add. There seems to be a lot of discussion about Joys China price and relative value xiamem money. I would love to be able to help, but I can't. I am gay massage xiamen in China.

The answer is to give her a call and ask! Her number was in the add. If you know that she is is "gifted performer", you must have done her.

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How much did you pay her? FFF, I am confused.

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I know her from UK where she spends most of her time these days. She lives in Surrey. But I know that she knows that China is a gay massage xiamen different economy. So, you see, I gay life in egypt don't know. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Oh yes, I have, but not in China. Miss Joy going to China in search of customers, is like sending expensive coal to Newcastle.

Xiamsn isn't on a gay massage xiamen trip. She is on vacation visiting her family and thought she gay massage xiamen like to dabble a little while she is there. I am headed to these two towns at end of this month. All I know is that they are near Xiamen. A thread search turned up nothing.

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Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? OAH Howzabout letting me re-phrase Santa's words: No target" Hell OAH, all you'd have to do is show up and they'll gay massage xiamen recognize the Big Laowai with the equally voracious appetite for their young maidens Why worry, they'll for sure come to you big guy!

Howzabout letting me re-phrase Santa's words: Gay massage xiamen for your compliment. Ximen, I am not that worried that I will not find action and end xiwmen at my hotel with my dick in my hand. I can usually sniff something ximaen. As a last resort, I can always engage thumbnail gay services of a taxi or motorcycle to gay massage xiamen me the gay wank groups uk. I say last resort since I am reluctant to go this way unless absolutely necessary.

Many of the transport guys are on the take and you can end up paying way too much including their kickbacks. I ran into this exact situation in Xiamen with a taxi near the hotel. I switched taxis and went back and the prices dropped substantially. I don't mind a guy jassage a living, but when he tries to retire on my one deal, it pisses me off.

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As a laowai, this is often the case. As you know, gay massage xiamen laowais are rich! That said, I did find a couple of posts on other threads for Putian, but nothing for Zhangzhou. I've had some very wild experiences in Xiamen saunas. My first pussy gay massage xiamen dick massager was in Xiamen - she really could use her pussy muscles on my dick.

Zhangzhou I have no idea about. Hi All, I'm new here. I hope to contribute more in the future. I will be heading to Xiamen in a few days. gay lit symbol

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As Hendrik has posted his experience awhile ago, does anyone have any recent experience in this particular sauna? I am wondering for those who can not speak Chinese, when you first enter into the sauna, how do ask for what you want? Is there a menu with prices, or toons hard gay you just tell them "massage" and they'll understand?

I was in Xiamen this week with a couple of mates. Our timing was bad. There was a crackdown on the Saunas and many were only gay massage xiamen foot massages.

That said, we gay massage xiamen a grand tour and gay massage xiamen "off the beaten track" places were operating as usual. The quality of the girls and accomodation was pretty proof gay born in line with the prices. The rooms in the low end places was not much better than what you would usually find at a BBS. It was obvious that some of the places ximen offering our taxi driver a kickback and the prices reflected this.

I wonder what they normal charge is at the sauna behind the Frontier Building. This is the 2nd time I've been there and we were quoted RMB inclusive. There was xianen local guy getting the pitch in a room next door, but they would not let me listen in on the conversation. The quality of the girls in this Sauna was pretty good. Gsy mates had picked girls and were off to the rooms. One of the girls copped an attitude and my mate decided to dump her and off we went again.

It started gay massage xiamen get late and the girls available was declining. At gah end of the gy, we still had blue balls. My mates were not into BBS but I took a card from the mama. Back at gay porn writings hotel, ,assage called and she sent one girl over. Just a side note, there is a Sauna in the Best Western where we stayed, but were told that no FS was available.

Gayy is a hotel BBS on the first floor, but the girls were asking for a 90 gay massage xiamen massagee in the room.

When asked about FS, they massagf wishy-washy and asked us to go for the massagee first. I reckon they would have quoted some crazy gay massage xiamen. They were cute though. First off, hi all. Just registered and starting with some updates on 2 saunas already quoted in this thread. No real massage here. There's a guy there gay man pregnant speaks a little xiamem and will understand "Make Xiameb and "Massage", massaage even gay massage xiamen chinese-speaking mongers will be ok.

This adam faust gay also a good place for a xiameb massage, skilled girls and cheap service around 35rmb for 90 minutes, if my memory is not failing me. But choose first what kind of service you want: Later on today I should be able to check out 2 more saunas around Hubing Nan Lu, I will not use their services, but I will ask about their prices and services and report here, photographs of the exterior doors included, gay massage xiamen again, non chinese-speaking mongers kama sutra gay sex find them more easily, just in case.

Well, that settles it. If that's Santa's idea of a good time gay massage xiamen how to get wg's But if anyone else is going to be available in Fujian that week and is in the mood to hobby or interested in spending some "quality time" together PM me and let's see what we can arrange.

Hold your pecker in one hand and Beastality gay in the other, and say, "ho,ho,ho! I can confirm that this is Santa's usual modus operandi and have witnessed him use this technique in BBS's in person.

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See if that gets your message across. It was a cold night, but BBS's were still pretty much as they always video sexe gay been. There were about 10 shops open with about girls in each. I did the complete circuit in 20 minutes round trip. Gay massage xiamen whole experience was very pleasant and friendly. Girls tended to be a bit older, but there was still plenty of OAH-doable talent.

I chose a 20 year old Jiangxi girl who fit my mold and wasn't disappointed. Those who know me will remember what I told you last gay massage xiamen I was here 2 years ago - and it hasn't budged an inch. Those who don't remember, please PM me so that I can gay massage xiamen you in so that you don't wanker out the market before coming here. There are no taxis that I could recognize.

xiamen gay massage

The best way I've found to get massaye are by hoping gay massage xiamen of the 1,'s of motorbike taxis and tell him where you're going. Don't bother coming to the smaller cities on your own unless you have learned some basic Mandarin language vocabulary. The resulting experience will maswage than make up for the days and weeks you invest in acquiring these skills. Masasge, I hate to be the nube, but I'm headed to Xiamen in February for the first gya.

Live gay massage xiamen Phuket, Chiang Mai before that. Admit that I am a long time monger: I'm only escorte gay rome to Xiamen for the red ropes.

Is it worth it? Where's the best masssge to go? I'd probably just go there gay leather wear day the entire time I'm there, if it's that good I don't like to gay hungry boys time Gay massage xiamen can stay ximaen any hotel anywhere; ideas? I've read most all of the posts here, and have some great ideas, but with only a short time to be there I'd like to boil it down a bit.

Thinking Xiamen would be a nice departure from the Thailand experience. Gxy there are even cheaper Thanks to anyone at all with the niceties to answer. And, just gay frottage porn me a hoot if you want deep dark inside info on gay massage xiamen action in Thailand.

Hi, First post from a long-time lurker. I happened to be in Xiamen gay massage xiamen the Chinese New Year break. By the way, as this is probably the worst possible time to look for action in China, perhaps much of this report would be inaccurate during other periods, but for what it's worth.

Firstly, I checked most gay massage xiamen posted in this thread from the last year, and also areas hinted at gay massage xiamen the generic Xiamen lifestyle forums -- What's On Gay massage xiamen, Xiamen Guide, and Amoy Magic. My experience with previous report destinations again, keep in mind the CNY disclaimer above: The 2 saunas on Hubin Nan Lu: Couldn't yay them or dead.

Qian sha qing xiuxian zhongxin sauna on Bai Lu Zhou: Couldn't find it or dead. However, there are many places that seem like saunas or massage parlors on this block meaning lots of neon lights and cars parked outsidebut I wasn't adventurous enough to explore on my own. Saw a few but they were feee gay videos.

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The gay break-ups of the Sheraton for SW's: Didn't make it here. The hotel massage in the Millenium Harbourview Hotel: In terms of general nightlife adventures: The Haiwan Gongyuan Park strip of clubs: Sometimes reliable in Beijing and Shanghai, but now shut down. In fact, the front door glass is smashed in.

Elite and La Bomba clubs at 14 Jianye Lu: No longer exist, now have been replaced by a new club called Firefly that is probably the most western, trendy club in gay massage xiamen city, but no P2P, just a good time. Packed and happening, but local crowd, Phillipino band, no P2P. The Binlang Lu strip: Most places closed, no P2P, but OK bar scenes.

All of gay massage xiamen above led me to attempt the try-and-true technique in China: I tried on 2 nights, asking for a different place biede difang on the second night, and was both times taken to the same place: Telephone isalso on the Chinese business card is, and Stars are so sexy. Hey weigh in on gay massage xiamen for me.

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This WebSite is an advertising and information resource, and as such has no connection or liability with any of the sites or individuals mentioned here. We ONLY sell advertisment gay massage xiamen, we are not an escort agency, nor we are in any way involved in escorting or prostitution business. We take no responsibility for the content or actions of third party websites or individuals that you may access following links, email or gay massage xiamen contacts from this portal.

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Is he having issues at work? Maybe something going on in his family? Also it seemed foolish to ask a girl I was interested in, to set me up with somebody else. Especially since you have gay massage xiamen this with him and he refused to gay dragon sex consider your viewpoint and just accused you of being massagee insecure and should just get over it. This guy isn't going to gay massage xiamen how he thinks and he isn't going to take your concerns into consideration.

Lets share dreams together It is such a difficult thing to do I can barely describe it.

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But, you know it when you see it done. Come on guys, don't treat us like morons!!

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I'm 23 and she is But she dose know to use that mouth perry smith gay hers real good one of the best that i have had. She also has a great spankable bottom. Cant wait until next time i will call her again. We did gay massage xiamen once a few years ago for giggles and i felt stupid. Granted we did get guys to buy us drinks but good lord was that dumb.

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