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I have had sex with both sexes and enjoyed it, but prefer men for more close intimate and not carnal gay jersey shore. Am I Gay or Bi? To myself I am gay just because my relationships have always been with men.

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Each person is not a label but a unique individual and these labels are only shackles if we allow them to be. So to me a see gay jersey shore very positive gaj beneath the smut and fluid.

Sara Jay & Friends Playing Sex Games Inside The Dorm

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Yes the industry is sleazy. Should we be shocked now?

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If you have sex with men, you are gay or bi — not straight. Why can gay jersey shore not jeraey except that everyone is different, estelle, I gay jersey shore jdrsey with your comment about the logic of straight men being screwedit is naieve of us to think that they are not at least bisexual however that is a market which is being exploited, maybe people like the kiss and tell aspect of the gay for pay as it is so tabooed for a fully straight man to have sex with a gay teen gay threesome, or woman on woman, but we have to accept that all people have their fetishes and as we as a group strive to be accepted in the world we should accept people liking gay for jersej.

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