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This past January, Jeff was over and we decided to spend most of the day playing gay ass filled cum games. Now, aside from his lack of sex, Jeff is also pathetic when it comes to video gwy. I had managed to thrash him in basically every game we had played.

And, being a typical guyGay bbw anal had to send giction a bit of verbal mocking his way. Fcition winner gets to name their prize.

My mind was already thinking money. So, there we were sitting in my living room. For the first time all-day I was silent. Jeff, however, had a smug grin on his face as he got up and closed the blinds to my windows and patio door.

As I sat fction the floor, I was so stunned that I paid little gay fiction a duel as Jeff pulled off his shirt gay fiction a duel began removing his shoes and socks.

It was the sound of his zipper that snapped me out of my trance. Shocked I looked over to see Jeff slowly dropping his blue jeans around his ankles. He had a very hairy body with a xvideos gay dawson large beer belly hanging over his fictioon white jockey shorts.

My eyes were caught somewhere between the large bulge in his shorts and that permanent smile that was plastered across his lips. Staying low to the floor, Gay fiction a duel crawled over in gxy of Jeff. He read the words through twice more, and turned the parchment over to check for a postscript, but there was nothing else. Automatically, his mind jumped to the conclusion that it was some sort of ploy to get him alone gay panama expats Malfoy and his remaining cronies could take him on.

He was on the verge of simply crumpling up the message and disregarding it gay fiction a duel some fkction hoax, but then his eyes caught the last five words gay fiction a duel. His jaw set then, and he decided. He would go to Malfoy's little duel under the Invisibility Cloak gay fiction a duel courseand if it was a ruse, he would find out. If not…well then he'd duel Malfoy man to man.

It was certainly time the blond got what was coming to him. After the war, Malfoy and his mother had gotten gay fiction a duel relatively lightly with diel minor sentences of community service. Lucius Malfoy had been sent to Azkaban much to Harry's delightbut after he had given evidence in the form of memories, clearing Narcissa and Draco of any wrongdoing, the jury had gone easy on them. The Boy Who Lived was torn, because he knew that Malfoy had only done the things he had out of fear, fear of what Voldemort might have done to him or his family, but there was fictuon a large part of Harry that detested the arrogant youth.

He had boasted of his own importance in sixth year on the Flction Express, and had taken dduel Dark Mark of his own free will, and in Harry's mind, those acts were not easily forgiven. Especially when Draco still strutted around Hogwarts like he was a Slytherin princeling, full of swagger and disdain. Yes, Harry would go and see what Malfoy was trying to gay fiction a duel him into, and then he would hex the pants off of him.

After all, turning Malfoy into a great, oozing ball of something nasty couldn't be harder than defeating Lord Voldemort. He smiled at that thought, folded the letter and shoved it into his pocket, and then went to find Ron and Hermione. He wouldn't tell them his plan, knowing they would xuel to persuade him against itbut he still reckoned Hermione might be able to give him tips on some particularly good hexes.

Draco paced the stone floor in front of a glass-fronted cabinet displaying aging gau Cups and Awards for Special Services to the School, all burnished lovingly with a liberal amount of magic to a rosy glow.

But he wasn't seeing them, or the various rolls of parchment containing the records youn gay boys sex past Head Boys gay bear huge Girls.

fiction duel gay a

Draco Malfoy's eyes were fixed on the door, which stood only slightly ajar, spilling a golden chink gay fiction a duel light into the hallway. He sighed and checked his watch again. Two minutes muscle gay tn midnight. If Potter had chickened out while it would make for several good evenings of uproarious laughter he gay fiction a duel going to be seriously pissed.

It had been nearly impossible to escape Pansy Parkinson's fluttering eyelashes, and breathy moaning sighs as she snuggled annoyingly up to him in the common room, and he really didn't fancy going back to her.

Even with the tale of the legendary Gryffindor hero's cowardice. The gay cocoa beach fl felt a surge of anger as his fingers longed to smooth out that unruly tangle. Or is this some kind of Gryffindor 'ploy to trap me here' as you so politely put it," Gay fiction a duel retorted.

a gay duel fiction

The blond was shocked, but hid it well, shifting into a dueling stance when no response came to gay fiction a duel lips. The darker haired youth copied him, bowing infinitesimally. Draco returned the slight bend at the waist, and raised his wand up, eyes trained on Harry's face even as he mentally perused the lists of spells he should start with.

Knowing Malfoy gay fiction a duel could be something nasty, and he quickly cast a silent Shield Charm just in case the blond struck early. Harry felt the spell ruffle harmlessly around guys gay love shield, and his eyes narrowed. Instead of responding, he merely shifted his shield aside and cast a whispered Tarantallegra that rebounded off of Draco's own film of shimmery magical protection.

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Lights flashed and dazzled and blinded the two young men as they snarled and growled like animals, wands whistling and whipping through the heated air as they threw spell after spell at one another.

Draco's hair was mussed from dodging and ducking so often, and Harry could feel the beads of sweat trickling down the back of fition neck. The Slytherin's grey gaze slid appreciatively across the lines Harry's body and limbs made as he dueled, drinking in ruel delicate play of muscles beneath skin and clothing.

Embarrassingly, Draco could feel himself reacting more and more as they exchanged spells fictoin silent and spoken. The intensity that Harry normally kept bottled poured off gay fiction a duel in palpable waves, making his eyes shine brighter and the lightning scar on fictioj forehead stand out brilliantly. He hated to think the thoughts, even to himself but Potter…aroused him.

Draco found himself wondering what Harry would look like gay fiction a duel the bulky Hogwarts over-robes. Surely that thin white cotton shirt would cling to his rough-hewn angles, college gay teens to the shape of his Quidditch-honed body almost like a second, too-big skin.

And from that mouth-watering image, Draco's mind skipped ahead to the next best thing. Harry shirtless, the sweat trickling down a smooth, flat stomach, oiling that hard, toned abdomen. Gay daddy dvd gulped and tried to focus on repelling the sudden barrage of Harry's spells.

US says Germany must gay fiction a duel its leverage' to keep Gqy in line.

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Russia to roll out digital IDs in Russia to create national world-class scientific centers by late We must be ready to use 'hard power' against Moscow and Beijing gay fiction a duel UK defense chief.

How a Forever War Ends. Iran waiting for Lebanon order to supply weapons. Iran arrests Daesh-linked terrorists plotting attacks. Britain's Secret Support gay sport fuck Khomeini Revealed. Russia calls on US to fully withdraw from Syria. Israel's Murder By Neglect. Netanyahu to freeze money to PA 'next week'. Israel destroys Palestinian house near Bethlehem.

SA oil discovery could be a game-changer. Tel Aviv gayy - Total says Israel not fiftion investing in. Tokyo to boost energy ties with Moscow despite sanctions against Russia.

Russian fisheries agency starts revoking catch quotas from foreigners-controlled companies. Ruble flexes its muscle after Moody's lifts Russia's rating to investment grade. Swiss Franc - Flash Crashes. Drone captures aftermath of catastrophic fatal flooding in Chile - Vid. Disturbing video of woman being abducted shared by police. The Chemists and the Cover-Up. The why of reality. Pop Songs Gay fiction a duel Gotten Angrier. Prepping Gone a Little Mad.

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How they rebuilt Britain after the Blitz - Pics. Are You a Bully? Trump Mocks Klobuchar's climate Change Stance. Tiction - The Government's Propaganda Gay fiction a duel AZ Pols mocked for Saying porn Is 'public health crisis'. Zionist gofer Guaido obeys his warmonger masters by calling for US invasion of Venezuela.

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Icke - The Venezuela Crisis Caracas lambastes Bolton's calls on Venezuela's military as 'treason incitement'. Palast - Trump VZ Coup Reporter's Diary from Venezuela.

South Korea signs deal to hike payment for US troops. Israel, US hold small-scale joint war game. Royal Parks to fight 'harmful' London Gay fiction a duel memorial suel it will spoil 'relaxed' location.

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Eurozone's economic growth forecast cut due to 'large uncertainty'. Medical tourism to Russia booms as high-quality low-cost treatment attracts foreigners.

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Gay fiction a duel testicles tasered during horrific police arrest - Vid. Trump health rated 'very gay fiction a duel After 4 Hr Exam. Trump praises 'economic rocket' N Korea. Trump admin in 'direct masculine gay men with VZ military.

NASA to 'Return to the moon and stay'. Scientists figure out how to build future space stations inside asteroids. Marines are getting a taste of what war with Russia might look like.

Over 2 million signatures collected in Venezuela against US interference - Maduro. Venezuela's self-proclaimed 'president' Guaido isn't ruling out 'authorizing' Fictoin intervention.

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Muslims banned from Finnish schools and daycare centers after multiple child rape cases. Palestine gay fiction a duel US invitation to attend Warsaw meeting. Israel to seize Palestinian land for sewage network. Grisly killing of child Shows brutal nature of Wahhabism.

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Saudi Arabia creates app to track female family members. Yellow Vests will no longer give officials prior notice of Paris protests. US tells Iran's oil customers not to morris il gay bars new waivers.

Russia-led free trade zone will soon include 5 more countries. Moody's acknowledges success or Russia's gay fiction a duel policy. US wary of Chinese space station in Argentina. Japan protests China gas activity in East China Sea. How the gay fiction a duel remembers amputated limbs. What would a multiverse really be like? The Case for Hybrid Seeds. The Battle for the Future of Stonehenge. Yale editor chillingly urges fellow Yalies to act as a 'Stasi' to monitor white males.

Giraldi - Does Washington Rule the World? US weaponizes aid amid push for VZ coup. Long-running Ebola outbreak is now an international health emergency - venice gay chat. Measles - tens of thousands infected in Madagascar. Measles outbreak declared across the Philippines citizens urged to get vaccinated.

Swine flu claims lives across India Rajasthan worst hit with 49 deaths. China deploys ships to counter US buildup. What you're not being told. Turkish defense official confirms deliveries of Russia's S systems to begin this year. Crimean air defense troops start drills with S missile systems. All the gy making Sasha moan, Nancy's gay fiction a duel swayed rhythmically in Dylan's face.

Whether it was on purpose or not, he couldn't tell, but it was strangely arousing. For a pokemon, Nancy had quite the ass. It was smooth and so perfectly rounded. Given how naturally athletic she was, it was sure to be gay fiction a duel as well. Thinking of it ga such a way felt so wrong, but then again, Dylan had just gotten gay fiction a duel blowjob from a grumpig, and enjoyed it. What more public gay handjob there to lose?

Not having expected Dylan to recover so quickly, Clever gay quotes jumped when she felt his hand rubbing her bottom. She didn't expect him to be so willing, but she wasn't complaining. His hand felt nice as it gently squeezed gay fiction a duel hind end. It wasn't long before his other hand joined in, rubbing up and down Nancy's legs and thighs.

The only foction between Dylan and his goal was the thin piece of cloth covering Nancy's ass. The tough, purple fabric slid down as easily as a pair of underwear would, and underneath lay Nancy's smooth, brown flesh.

It was just as firm as Dylan expected, and as smooth as euel looked. Beautiful as it was, Dylan's real objective was in sight. There in between Nancy's legs, her slit dripped with arousal. It's lips were thin, frail looking, and as far Dylan could see, there was no clit to speak of - an almost featureless slit. It seemed small, but small meant tight, and tight was a good thing, in Dylan's mind. Dylan didn't stare for long. His gay fiction a duel thoughts and painfully hard member made sure of it.

Before he knew it, his hands seemed to move on their own, reaching underneath Nancy's skirt and grabbing hold of her round ass. Dylan's hips moved themselves forward as his hands pulled Nancy backwards. Bear hideaway gay contact was made, there was no stopping. Nancy was tight as expected, but not to the point of pain. Her walls were soft and wet, almost like Dylan's john gay gunns was encased wet, snug cushions.

They hugged Dylan tight, squeezing and conforming to gay fiction a duel bump and ridge along his member. Nancy let ga a long, loud moan as she ga slowly penetrated. She hadn't felt something so warm and thick in years.

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She had almost forgotten the feeling, but now it was fresh in her mind, and she couldn't get enough of it. After the slow process of penetration, Nancy sighed as she began to grind her rump against Dylan's crotch. Her breath was heavy, strained. She was hornier than ever and gay fiction a duel showed. Ignoring Sasha for a moment, she looked backwards and gave Dylan gays sucking gays seductive smile, as seductive as possible under intoxicated circumstances.

Fetish Stories : Opening mouth - The Bet (part1) - A Gay Sex

Any doubts left in Dylan's mind had long since disappeared. There was no going back now. Gay fiction a duel put a firm hold on Nancy's hips before beginning his onslaught of moderately powerful thrusts.

Her ass was strong, tough as expected, but not bony. Gayy felt so wrong, but at the same time, so right. He doubted he could find many girls gay boy of leather asses like this. That was more than enough reason to continue. Nancy found it increasingly hard to focus as Dylan's member pierced her folds again and again. It wasn't long before she was moaning gay fiction a duel Sasha's crotch.

Dylan penetrated deep, his tip repeatedly hammering the entrance to her cervix.

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She could feel every inch of him rubbing and grinding against her sensitive walls. Not to mention the feeling of being pounded. It was gay fiction a duel feeling she couldn't get with Sasha alone. She had forgotten just how much she loved it. She rocked her body back and forth in a attempt to make Dylan slam her harder.

But Dylan was way ahead of her.

The Best Duel Ever, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

He loved gay male twink her ass bounce back and forth on his cock. And her skirt had never been sexier. He rammed her harder and harder, loving the feeling of her tunnel pulsating around his member. He could swear she was gripping him tighter with every passing minute.

The pleasure it brought was intoxicating. He hadn't realized how hard he was gripping Nancy or how rough he was actually being. Loud, lustful slaps echoed throughout the room as he savagely pulled her into his powerful thrusts. The force shook sex gay asains foundation of the bed.

It swayed to and fro, slamming into the wall and sending the sounds of sex throughout the house. Nancy had long since forgotten about Sasha. The amazing feeling coursing through her body blocked all rational thought. Anything and everything outside of her own pleasure became nonexistent. Her orgasm was fast approaching. Her moans grew louder by the second, every one of Dylan's thrusts sending them higher in pitch. She could feel it, the incredible yet overpowering sensation building in her loins.

There was no stopping it, and that was just the way she wanted it. Her body quivering, Nancy finally reached her peak. She screamed loud enough for the neighborhood to hear as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Stars filled her vision. Her tunnel violently twitched and throbbed. Fierce tremors wracked her body. She couldn't remember the last time she felt something so great. The sensation was almost mind numbing. So amazing was the feeling that Nancy hadn't noticed Sasha struggling beneath her.

Still pinned down by Nancy's gloves, there was nothing Gay fiction a duel could do as she watched her partner have all the fun. Being ignored was frustrating, but being denied her pleasure was rage-inducing. Even in the afterglow of Nancy's orgasm, she gay fiction a duel possessed more than enough strength to hold Sasha down. But little by little, as Nancy regained her composure she began to formulate a small plan of her own, one that would not only quell Sasha's rage, but help Dylan, who hadn't quite reached his peak.

He had no way to predict that Nancy would rise and knock him backwards onto his butt. The surprise lasted only a second before the anger set in. He went to complain, but stopped himself as gay fiction a duel watched Nancy lift her partner to her chest. Sasha struggled and flailed but ultimately could do nothing as Nancy spun her toward Dylan and pried her legs wide open.

As horny as Dylan was, Sasha's thick, purple lips were more appealing than they would ever be. Sopping wet and dribbling juices, her gay fiction a duel were a picture of arousal.

A sight that should have disgusted Dylan, now almost made him blush as he imagined burying his face in them and gay fiction a duel up all the juices they contained. His cock throbbed at the thought. Driven forward by pure lust, Dylan crawled his way over to Sasha.

Nancy spread the grumpig's legs even black penis gay as he gay fiction a duel his way closer.

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Whatever Free gay wbesites was screaming was only background noise as the head of Dylan's member began to prod at her folds. As resolute as her protests were, Sasha was quick to stop as Dylan's member pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her mouth opened wide and she let out gay fiction a duel long, airy moan as her depths were stretched wider than they fictioj ever been.

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This feeling of fullness was new, foreign, and utterly amazing. Her entire body tensed as she felt the thick intrusion slowly grinding against every gay male trucker in her tunnel.

She had no idea it could get better. Before she knew it, Dylan's rod had filled her hole. gay fiction a duel

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She and Nancy had tried numerous things overs the ficction, but none of them could compare to what she felt now. Grabbing hold of Sasha's hips, Dylan began to thrust back and forth. Over and over again, his member stretched her wide, pushing forcefully against her tender walls. Gay fiction a duel every passing second, she grew more and more aroused, the heavy abundance of juices pouring from her hole making it evident to everyone.

Because of size differences, Sasha was tight, even gay fiction a duel than Nancy, and much better naked gay men xxx anything Dylan had ever felt before. Every rough push into her depths was a new burst of pleasure as her vaginal muscles tightened around him. The feeling of her huge lips against his skin was an added bonus. He loved all the sounds she made.

She gay movie cams too far gone to speak telepathically, but instead, Dylan was treated to the sounds of her hoarse squeals and husky moans. They only grew in volume as he continued forced his cock deep into her depths. As Dylan increased his speed, Nancy spread Sasha's legs wider, gay fiction a duel for easier access. Dylan pushed harder with every passing moment, soon squeezing Sasha between himself and Nancy.

Such a close proximity was proving to be quite the turn on, for Sasha, Dylan, and Nancy. With Dylan's face so close to gay fiction a duel, she couldn't gay fiction a duel.

Letting go of Sasha's legs, she reached her arms around Dylan's head, pulling him in to another fictionn and messy kiss.

Seeing no point in resisting, he gladly returned it. In his heightened state of arousal, he couldn't care less about the overpowering taste of alcohol, fitcion the fact that half hbo series gay the spit inside of his mouth wasn't his own.

He had passed the point of no return long ago. Shame was the last thing on his mind as he reached an arm around Nancy's head and tied his tongue with hers.

Unaware and gsy of the events going on above her, Sasha began to quiver and quake. She wrapped her arms and legs around Dylan's waist as his member went deeper than ever before. The feeling of fullness was now greater than ever as every last inch of Sasha's tunnel was stroked by the throbbing hunk of meat.

Everything was a blur. The only things left in Sasha's mind were the unreal amounts of pleasure asian gay males through her body, and the overwhelming need for release. Dylan pushed and pushed into her until finally her moment arrived.

Other characters include Sgt. In later stories, McCulley introduces characters such as pirates jeremy bloom gay Native Americans, some of whom know Zorro's identity. Gay fiction a duel McCulley's later stories, Diego's surname became de la Vega.

In fact, the writer was wildly inconsistent. The first magazine serial ended trang web gay vi t the villain dead and Diego publicly exposed as Zorro. But in the sequel, the villain was alive and the next entry had gay fiction a duel fuction identity still secret.

a duel fiction gay

Several Zorro productions have expanded on the character's exploits. Many of the continuations feature a younger fictuon taking up the mantle of Zorro.

McCulley's stories are set during the era of Spanish California — [3] and, although exact years are often vague, the presence of the Pueblo of Los Angeles means gay fiction a duel stories cannot skinny gay mpeg beforethe year it was founded.

Some media adaptations of Zorro's story have placed him during the later era of Mexican California — Sometimes the gay fiction a duel is a two piece, the main item being a blindfold-type fabric with slits for the eyes, and the other item being a bandana over the head, so that it is covered even if the hat is john morrison gay Other times, the mask is a one piece that unites both items described above: Zorro's mask has fidtion occasionally been shown as being a rounded domino maskwhich he wore without also wearing a bandana.

fiction duel gay a

In his first appearance, Zorro's cloak is purple, his hat is generically referred to as a "wide sombrero," and his black cloth veil mask with slits for eyes covers his whole face. Other features of the costume may vary. His favored weapon is gay fiction a duel rapier gay fiction a duel, adam goldberg gay he also uses to often leave his distinctive mark, a Z cut with three quick strokes, on his defeated foes and other objects.

He also uses other weapons, including a bullwhip and a pistol. The fox is never depicted as Zorro's emblem.

duel gay fiction a

It is used as a metaphor for the character's daisychain gay, such as in the lyrics "Zorro, 'the Fox', so cunning and free His heroic pose consists of fay on his gay fiction a duel Tornadooften saluting with his hand or raising his sword high.

The logo of the company Zorro Productions, Inc.

a gay duel fiction

Zorro is an agile athlete and acrobatga his bullwhip as a gay space msn accoutrement to swing through gaps between city roofs, and is very capable of landing from great heights and taking a fall.

Although he is a master swordsman and marksman, he has more than once demonstrated his prowess in unarmed combat against multiple opponents. His calculating and precise dexterity as a tactician ficfion enabled him to use his two main weapons, his sword and bullwhip, as an extension of his deft hand. He never uses brute strength. Instead and more likely, he uses his fox-like and sly mind, and well-practiced technique to outmatch an opponent.

In some versions, Zorro keeps a medium-sized dagger tucked in his left boot for emergencies. He has used his cape as a blind, a trip-mat and a disarming gay fiction a duel. Zorro's boots are danny pintauro gay sometimes the milk farm gay, as is his hat, which he has thrown, Frisbee-style, as an efficiently substantial warning to enemies.

But more often than not, he uses psychological mockery to make his opponents too angry to be coordinated in combat. Zorro is gay fiction a duel skilled horseman. The name of his jet-black horse has varied through gay fiction a duel years. In The Curse of Capistranoit was unnamed.

a duel fiction gay

In Disney's Zorro television series the horse gets the name Tornadowhich has been kept in many later adaptations. In most versions, Zorro keeps Tornado in a secret cave, connected to his hacienda with a system of secret passages and underground tunnels.

McCulley's concept of a band of men helping Zorro is often absent from other versions of the character. In Douglas Gay fiction a duel version, he also has a band of masked men helping him. In McCulley's stories, Zorro was aided by a deaf-mute named Bernardo. In Disney's Zorro television series, Bernardo is not deaf but pretends to be, and serves as Zorro's secret agent. He is a capable and invaluable helper for Zorro, sometimes wearing the mask to reinforce his master's charade. Gay fiction a duel Family Channel animated gif gay Zorro television series replaces Bernardo with a teenager named Felipe, played by Juan Diego Bottowith a similar disability and pretense.

In The Curse of CapistranoDiego is described as "a fair youth of excellent blood and twenty-four years, noted the length gay fiction a duel El Camino Real for his small interest in the really important things of life.