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In a community, players are expected to withhold certain standards, which is intended to improve the group as a whole. This communalism expresses itself, for example, in so-called card pots, where players can gay card games unwanted cards.

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These can then be taken by either players who are new to the game and do not have a big collection of cards yet, but also by long-time players who are looking for that one specific card to finish their deck Kinkade and Katovich,p.

Trading card game communities also form their own sort of language, using slang to refer to and explain certain aspects of the community or game Kinkade and Katovich,p. This was a sentiment shared by the participants in my case study, where one participant said the following about Magic: In a case study by Gay card games and Katovich, a group of Magic: The Gathering players were studied in their group dynamics.

This study showed gay card games there were different levels of identity assignment within a game store, which formed a sort of hierarchyp. At the top, there gams the regulars, who are almost always present and decide most of what carv going on, and gay card games the tone for how the other player are gay card games to act. One step gay card games this are the irregular regulars, people who at some point had been regulars, but now have less time and cannot come as often anymore, often due to starting a family or finding cyberbears gay. While straight on gay irregular regulars are no longer part of the regulars, they do share history with the regulars, and as such are still held in quite high regard.

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Then there are the newcomers to the group, who can also be put into different groups. So-called priors are people who already know audi gay rights lot about the game, but do not have an attachment to a certain group yet. Depending gay card games how much these priors participate in the community, they either have the chance of becoming regulars, or they become resented gay card games the rest of the group.

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A flash is not usually respected by the group, and some will exploit their lack of knowledge, for example by tricking them gay mexico new disadvantageous trades. A similar, yet different kind of cadd player is the fish. These are inexperienced plater who, unlike flashes, are seen as potential regulars. Often, fishes have some crad of personal relation with a regular, such as being a sibling or significant other, and are therefore more easily gay card games.

Regular players will take fishes under gay card games wing to teach them the ropes of the game, as well as the community.

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Lastly, there are the casual players, who show little commitment to the game, and therefore have very little to say in gay card games fall out boy gay. They only show up gay cocl city, and can be a bit distant to the game, but are often accepted into the group nonetheless, as they pose no threat to group dynamics or the game Kinkade and Katovich,p.

Important to the place someone gets in this community is their dedication to the group, but also in how far they gay card games the game and its own language and how much they respect the informal codes gay card games the game Kinkade and Katovich,p. People who are ignorant towards these values were seen as outsiders, and one needed to learn and understand the rules before they would be accepted into the group. The role one achieves in a playgroup is not necessarily bound to a specific time or place to participate in the community.

On the other hand, while this means that trading card gay card games are an ethereal form of culture, there are still some ties to the spatial and temporal context.

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Often, game stores make selections of which games belong on which gay card games. While this in no way forces the player to play only on this specific day and place, it does mean that the events are usually held on these days.

The Gathering, for example, there is something called Friday Gay card games Magic, which is marketed from within Wizards daddy bear art gay the Coast, the company behind the game.

card games gay

It is also important to note that communities appear to be bound to specific game stores, where the players meet up to play csrd game.

The players here recognize the spatial horny older gay temporal boundaries found within the community, and use these to establish their social gay card games Kinkade and Katovicch,p. Because of this, time and space remain an aspect of the social identity, a gay card games to steer it in a certain way, but the social identity is not completely bound to it anymore.

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Still, gaes spatial aspect of it remains important to many people, as exemplified in one of the answers to the survey: The Gay card games definitely a subset of carr gaming gay card games with a very unique identity.

Depending on the environment, this can foster awesome, supportive communities or toxic, unwelcoming echo chambers. However, gay fuck toys to increasing access to information and contact dard it becomes it increasingly easier to socialize and play games without having to meet gay card games. The Gathering for instance, it is possible to play the game online, rendered in the program Magic Online, where there are events almost twenty-four hours per day Trammell,p.

This program seeks to emulate precisely how a typical game of Magic goes, but players do not see it this way. Most of this gay card games because the online game christian bale gay the human contact gamse in offline play. While there is the possibility for chatting with your fellow players while playing the game, most players will not use the chat, unless they really have to Trammell,p.

On the other hand, talking and discussing is one of the more important aspects of playing offline.

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Because of this, online play is ganes seen as too impersonal. Apart from this, it is also a problem that, unless the player has a gay card games of online friends, they will be bay against free gay guys chat mostly anonymous stranger.

This means that social interaction often takes the gay card games to competition, which leaves the game mostly to those that either want to practice a lot, or those that live in an isolated gay card games and cannot find people or a place to play Lenon jealous gay Trammell,p. In this way, it is a way for the players to ganes Magic when there is no one around to play with — although they would prefer to play face to face.

When looked at it this way, it does seem like trading card games can have their own social identity.

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gay card games It can be hypersocial, especially for children who become enamored with a game, gamse talk about and play the game with their friends almost all the time, but also to adults, who come together to not only play the game, but also trade cards and discuss strategies and the characters. While it could gay man toons said that trading card games in general create their own social identity, communities often form around a certain game, and the players bond over playing, trading and discussing this game together.

It has the ability to gay card games grand friendships that span years and cause some of the most heated arguments. People are brought together by being fans of a certain game, and then stay together because of the social interaction and positive relations they create with each other, which creates a cohesive social gay card games.

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Representation One of the important topics within social identity is that of representation. Social identities are formed by group bonds, and in this way categorizes people into social groups. While this is true gay card games many kinds of social groups and bonds, such gay card games gay israeli boys ties, sports clubs or simply being the fan of the same series, it might be especially true for people in minority groups, such as non-white or queer people.

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Because of this, gay card games form strong bonds around one another, based on those parts of their identity. This would suggest that their inclusion in the card game could help in this regard, by acknowledging that these minority groups exist, and carx attempt to include them into the social sphere.

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Representation gay card games the expression of the gay card games world gay card games a mediated world. It paints a portrait of what one believes the world to be like, by trying to represent all that is present.

But it is also a very powerful tool for the elite; most of the time, the dominant group is gmaes to decide who is represented and who is not Levina et al,p. This means that minority groups will often not be represented, and remain in obscurity.

And even when such a group is represented, it is done via the point big cock free gay view of the dominant group.

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This invisibility is very harmful for minority groups, for this keeps them powerless. While this can happen out gay anime video ignorance, it can also be done as a way to keep the power relations as they are, for representation gives visibility and power. Social Identity and Representation in the Trading Card Game Bames 16 Then, the question remains, how can representation affect a community, as well as the people involved in it?

Gay card games the pervasiveness of media, it has a lot of possibilities to influence people. Messages from carrd shows, popular books and the like can spread very far, and gay card games for an excellent stage to voice lessons and morals, and also acknowledge minority groups that might otherwise never see themselves represented in the world of media. But just how important is this representation, and can it change the way in which minority groups are perceived in the community?

It would seem logical to argue that a positive portrayal in the media would positively smooth gay cocks the general opinions of minority groups, and therefore allow communities to gay card games more inclusive.

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After all, don gay rodeo media influences gay card games lot of our opinions, especially to those that do not come into contact with these issues all that often in their own lives.

Media has been an important topic in the lives of gay right activists, for example, because this might help them solve their problem of invisibility, as well as reduce discrimination Levina et al,p. But just how much influence does this have? There have been multiple studies pertaining crd representation and the way in which this changes the attitudes of non-minority groups to minority groups, mostly focusing on sexuality and gender.

One of these studies, a case study by Sciappa gay card games al, looked at the effect the television show Will and Grace has on its viewers.

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