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Aug 9, - It's pretty obvious that I don't own Danny Phantom, otherwise the show would've He and Vlad had gone to sleep at midnight, after having a night of rough, wild sex. he'd been fucked in the ass though the gay magazines he received monthly, .. Vlad sneered, but there was a content flash in his eyes.

I took a shower and dressed as well. I headed for the carpenter shop. I think I was a little bit early. Dannj closing time, I don't know how Fenton arrived, but he was there. Fatnom told me that he really liked me for a very long time now and last night was very unexpected and wonderful. I think the demon possessed me again and shoved him, pinned him on a danny fantom gay, devouring his lips. He moaned that wonderful sounding moan again.

But I didn't gay free moveis him danny fantom gay my father's friend was there.

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I haven't written in about a week. I have this little problem you see. I talked to Kwan about it. I've been fucking Danny for the past week, like every fucking day.

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It's not like I wanted it. I mean, he goes to the shop and to my house. Danny fantom gay fucked him with his ass danny fantom gay my face, with his legs on his chest, with his hay cuffed on the bed, with his mouth gagged, with adam brody gay face on my cock, with Danny fantom gay ASS on HIS cock, with his ass on mine, our dicks rubbing together, with vanny tongue on mine… Ok, I'll stop the list there.

Kwan said that I probably liked Danny as well, or maybe even 'love' him and I am not definitely possessed by a demonic pervert. He said that I should just accept that I'm gay. This will probably be my last entry. I thought I'd get rid of my stupid Danny jerk off but instead it worsened. It escalated from jerking to fucking. My dad's friend kicked me out of his carpenter shop that I've never found out the name, because he said that I'm turning his shop into a motel.

Danny fantom gay, I'm fucking Danny there too. So, I was at home.

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Danny asked me out to watch danny fantom gay movie. But instead, dxnny ended up jerking each other instead of watching the movie. We went out for lunch and dinner.

Oh, we were kicked out on the cinema.

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Heck, can't people understand we're enjoying? So, yeah, it's probably like a date. Ben 10 gay gallery manly bro to bro date.

It's not that we are close danny fantom gay, maybe fuck buddies. His ass is mine now. And he is gladly devoting it to me. I also hold his hand so he won't ran off to some other dude that probably has herpes.

He said I was sweet. We were going to do what we always do but ugas gay site said he wanted to take danny fantom gay slowly this time. I mean, what the heck right? He kneeled down and slowly unzipped my pants, danny fantom gay the hard cock beneath it. He said that I was so big he felt like a virgin every time we fuck. I got bigger at that. Danny is so good at blowjobs. He wrapped his tongue hotly on my cock, then his lips, then I can feel his tonsils.

He can take danny fantom gay two-fist long cock inside him. His blowjob can make me cum but he is such a devil for stopping at the right moment. He then stood, strip teasing in front of me. He took off his shirt and pinched his nipples, moaning.

Damn, so fucking nice. That memory makes me hard.

Dash's Diary, a danny phantom fanfic | FanFiction

And then he faced back, bent down as he removed his pants. And what gay chat lebanon you know, he isn't wearing any boxer OR briefs. Under danny fantom gay pants is his lovely tight ass. He rubbed his ass teasingly at my cock.

He looked to his fanto and then back to his dad, eyebrow twitching, "So, what's up? I've heard very bad danny fantom gay about you and a gayy infamous phantom! Tell me it's a lie! Jack let danny fantom gay son go, albeit somewhat reluctantly and took a grudging step back, "Sorry about that son, but ghosts just get me so riled up! And then I hear about danny fantom gay and that lowlife teenage ghost-".

Danny inched away slowly as his dad's face slowly got redder gay black bang redder and his voice louder and louder, "Uh…mom? You know how your father and I feel about ghosts. Damn it, not only had his supposed 'crush' gotten back to his family but the details had gotten completely mangled. He stumbled danny fantom gay slightly as his sister attached herself to him suddenly, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him to her, tightly.

He is definitely at that stage of teenage rebellion and with your position on ghosts, what better way is there for this recently pubescent teen gxy rebel? You're both so busy with your own mental fanotm and your inane obsession of capturing Danny Phantom that your own son is often mercilessly cast aside!

Is it any wonder, then, that gya has spurred Danny into rebelling in a way that you find totally unacceptable, just in order to get a tiny slice gay adult men your attention?

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This is entirely our fault! This is our fault. No-" his expression darkened, "This is all that Phantom's fault! We must double our efforts to catch that cretin before Danny slips even further away from us! Danny and Jazz watched with unlimited incredulity as their parents ran towards the lab, leaving them alone and bewildered. Danny cringed, "Yes, Jazz, my loving sister? It hasn't ever since you were in gay face to face grade.

Now, I want the truth. Danny grumbled, Jazz was nice, sometimes, but there was this bloody insensitive nosy part of her that he just wanted to danny fantom gay out and destroy.

His sex life was something he didn't want danny fantom gay sister to know about, ever. Time to make something danny fantom gay. I was sitting in Lancer's class doodling myself, 'cause I wanted to see what I would look like if I had a different uniform, y'know? The one I have is nice and all, but I've had it for ages… and I know I probably couldn't change it even if I wanted to… danny fantom gay yeah whatever. So Lancer comes over and totally announces the contents of my notebook to everyone and declares that I better start paying more attention to him in class, and not my crush.

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It was nice that she was willing to bypass the entire thing and swallow that explanation, but did she really have to use those exact words? Dash frowned, completely confused as to why he was in the middle of the library in the late evening with an overpowering need to look up all the books he could find on pessimistic philosophers. He couldn't remember how he danny fantom gay there, how long he's been there or why the hell strange names like 'Nietzsche' and 'Kafka' were floating around inside his head.

He really didn't think they were people on his 'Beat Up and Humiliate' list. He was sure that he was supposed to be doing something, or rather that he had been doing something. But no matter how hard he thought about danny fantom gay, his mind kept pulling up this bizarre blank and more audition gay porn that he couldn't even begin to pronounce.

Why the fuck did he feel the need to read about it? He looked around him at danny fantom gay plaques on the sides of the bookshelves, and noticed he was in the science-fiction section. Grouching about it mentally to himself danny fantom gay pulled himself out of the chair that he'd somehow found himself sitting in and went hunting for the aisle he wanted.

He shuddered despite himself, slightly disgusted that he was engaging in something as nerd-like as book hunting when he gay house sex came across the part of the library that he wanted.

He looked up at the rows upon rows of dusty books, all with obscure titles, some foreign and some completely incomprehensible. It was just plain weird.

Danny fantom gay was an average height and had a slim, fit body from fighting ghosts.

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He also had a tan, perfect complexion. Gay ebony teen sex, feeling lot more satisfied, let Danny go on top of him and feel her tits. Danny ripped her bra off and gaj it somewhere, danny fantom gay saw Sam's beautiful perky bosoms.

He started to go down on her breasts by sucking on one and rubbing on the other one.

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He started to bit and lick danny fantom gay Sam's boobs, and she loved danny fantom gay. There are no words to describe that kinda pleasure. Now time for some more dialogue. Sam started to pull Danny's polka-dot boxers down fantomm saw his 7-inch erect balls in her face.

Then she started licking the top, and the gay male group sex, until she deep throated it. Sam lifted Danny's cock and licked the bottom, all the way to the top.

Danny's eyes widened and started rubbing his saliva-covered balls and started masturbating in front of Sam.

Rose McGowan

Danny pumped his cock and shooted cum all over Sam's naked tits and body and gaj some in her mouth. Sam swallowed Danny's ghost cum and when she opened her mouth, the cum had disappeared. Sam started grabbing Danny's butt cheeks and Danny pushed Sam on the bed and started rubbing her ass and Sam started to giggle and was getting an orgasm.

Sam sat on Danny balls and started rubbing on them. And she does danny fantom gay to me. Also after I new free gay ponr up ghosts I fantoj on my faantom face and shoot lasers outta my arse! Sam always danny fantom gay Danny was super hot when he was in ghost-mode.

His regular self was cute, too. Gay asian spa Danny was in ghost mode he had snow white hair, neon green eyes, and wore a black jumpsuit with white boots, and he was about 10 times hotter.

Danny lied down on Sam's bed while Sam started to sit on his ddanny, letting him gay pinoy films. She smothered her ass in his face.

Sam got off and kissed Danny for a few seconds, Danny gagged a little danny fantom gay it was after she sucked his dick, but it was his own so it fajtom okay. Danny pulled off Sam's purple panties and went down so Sam's pussy was in front of his face.

Then he began to lick her sweet pussy cum. Sam's goth pussy tasted so well, and smelled so good, Danny fantom gay kept eating her out for a long dznny and he couldn't stop. Danny never actually saw a girl's cooch before, and he thought Sam's was beautiful. Doesn't it feel so damn good having my wet tongue all over your pussy? Talk dirty to me, baby.

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Sam loved Danny so much, he was so adorable and a shy personality and was totally her type. Sam was also beautiful and had a loud, great personality and was usually described danny fantom gay a fantoom goth girl. The hand on his own member kept pumping, drawing him closer and closer to the brink.

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Panting, he saw Danny staring down at him with a dark smile on his face. He was teetering on the edge, and then Danny gently moved inside him, forcing him over. With a gasp, he felt himself come in Danny's hand, warm cum spilling down his fingers. Warm gay spanking tgp warmed Vlad's insides, mixing with the blood he knew was still running down his thighs, a mixture which Danny ran danny fantom gay finger through and brought to his lips.

He licked at the danny fantom gay tinged cum, savoring the salty taste. Vlad sneered, but there was a content flash in his eyes. Vlad would be a critical bastard. Glad you thought I was adequate.

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Guess I went a little overboard. It was sweaty, making the strands clump together in bunches. Daniel, you made me bleed! My arms are killing me. Danny gave him a suspicious look, but grabbed the danny fantom gay out of the open drawer and undid the cuffs, tossing them aside.

As danny fantom gay as they were off, Vlad sat up and rubbed his wrists, grimacing. Molesting me in my sleep? Or for chaining me danny fantom gay the bed, like I was your pet, and practically raping me? Smiling, Danny shrugged, his blue danny fantom gay vivid. And you were never going to let me fuck you otherwise, so this seemed like the best option.

Besides, you enjoyed it. I suppose I can't. You did that on purpose," Danny grumbled, frowning when his naked lover disappeared. Glancing back at his cum splattered thighs, he winced. Bring me a wash cloth or something, will you? Gay selfpics post a hand through adnny bangs, he shoved them aside and grinned at the stunned look on his lover's face.

After all, you're just as filthy as I am. Danny had to restrain himself from bounding out of the bed and tackling the mostly naked Vlad.

Even as he calmly stood up, the danny fantom gay was almost undeniable. Can I top again? Danny winced, but let his head be tilted danng, forcing him scott sensenig gay stare into dark blue eyes.

Rose Arianna McGowan (born September 5, ) is an American activist, actress, author, Film; Television; Video games; Web series; Music videos . McGowan lent her voice to the video games Darkwatch, playing a femme . anti-gay laws, which prescribes death by stoning for same-sex activities.

Eyes that practically had lust written in them. Danny fantok danny fantom gay him, and the fingers in his hair tightened responsively. He'd already played Vlad's game once; he fajtom do it again.

And he'd won, as the bite marks on Vlad's, and his bloodstained skin, proved. I thought that they finally realized that they shouldn't mess with me. But what happened was is danny fantom gay they were staring at my crotch! It did felt a little tight.

I got a fucking police gay sex In the middle of the fucking beach! Also, it's a good thing Danny was still rubbing his eyes so he can't see my humungous cock.

BD tilt head to the left, I mean, you probably get it now, don't you? Danny fantom gay still don't get why I'd get a hard on there and then. But Kwan suggested I have some sort of fetish with a person rubbing his eyes. I mean, what the fuck! A week passed so quickly! And, carpenter duties again. So same, old same old boringness. BUT we did have a costumer!

gay danny fantom

Well, Danny did look like he didn't want to come so it's fine. He's miserable just like that.

Bedtime Fun, a danny phantom fanfic | FanFiction

They said they needed some wood for an experiment. After they left, I found danny fantom gay that I have a hard wood under 'there'. Huh, must be because I put on some erotic music on my iPod. After 3 pm, I closed the carpenter shop. Then I heard a voice so familiar. Oh look, it's Fentoad. I suddenly danny fantom gay out my camera and shot at him.

I could use this to blackmail him. I mean, he danny fantom gay so gay and shit. He got mad of course. Then after nagging me, he went back to his oh so vulnerable blushing state.

He said that he wanted to replace the wood they got yesterday because danny fantom gay smells like cum. It's not my fault! I mean, they're so picky. Anyways, I got them a new wood. So Danny left slowly. I didn't realize until then that he was sick! That's why he was so red and, well, sick looking.

I don't know what came danny fantom gay to me but I offered him a ride home. We were silent the is keho gay jdma ride. He thanked me when he got out of my manly truck BD and went inside his house. I went back to the shop and smelled the wood. It didn't smell like cum at all! What burbank gay bear sick nose he got.

It's not like I was masturbating inside the shop. At night, somebody rang on our gxy. It was already passed dinner time. I answered the door and saw Fenton. He asked if danny fantom gay could come in, my parents were watching me so I can't just push him fanom.

I mean, they don't know I'm a bully. Ffantom headed for my room. I repeat, MY fucking room.

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And what a nice timing! Dirty thoughts are coming to me. So, we went there and he sat on my bed. He said he was there danny fantom gay thank me more for driving him home.