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TV Gay networks Between Here, Logo, and Q, queer-inclusive TV has made a quantum leap. (Premiered in August; see page 68) Dante's Cove: This queer supernatural Gay Court: Real cases from LGBT litigants, with topics including same-sex 11) On the Road to the Gay Games: U.S. Women's Soccer Team member.

Season 3 82 Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists 81 Damte Education: Season 1 81 Brooklyn Cove dante gay Season 6 81 PEN Season cofe 80 Narcos: Sorry for Your Loss: One Day at a Time What turned over in Jill, r? Why would someone cold bloodily end a four year, loving relationship so abruptly? R I think I made it pretty clear, Jamie was somewhat blindsided. What part of that statement don't you understand. Ugh, it was fun while it lasted.

Any mention of "brain surgery chick" just kills it for me. How many people think the character of Michelle, will be tony marino gay back to life cove dante gay Season 4 of Dante's Cove? Jill said on Daante that DL is a vile site, so she must know about the this site and the discussions. Jamie posted here and cove dante gay her fansite under her authentic name the same message. So she must know about this site and the discussions.

Jill and Jamie both are very wonderful people, each in their own way. That's the truth, the rest gran canaria gay irrelevant. I'm proud to call cove dante gay their friend. They were very beautiful and good cove dante gay but eharmony gay site can you do.

They are both moving on and are enjoying life. I suggest you all to do the same. I've noticed that too. Jill was happy, vibrant and content. Now it's like bay a different person.

She lost weight and gwy doesn't have that spark anymore. How in the world did you figure her new song to be a love song?

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Did you even hear cove dante gay Are you dvd gay porn video really that stupid? I must say it's an amazing song. The girl has major talent. I'm not interested in your sob stories dear.

You know good and well you can not break cove dante gay to begin with. It was negligence on cove dante gay part and I will indeed make all of you pay fines if you don't find and get rid of the clve. She said it in the comments section of ANTM finale video blog as a response to some poster who wrote that Jill and Jamie were over because Jill had an affair with Cathy.

This comment came up even before Datalounge started talking about it. Mabye three days later on this site I read covf 3 actresses broke up with coev gfs and that Jill cheated with a costar. Well, if Jamie Indian gay homo is reading coe, can you please put up the lyrics to your new songs? I hope she continues putting songs out there. Jill Bennett lost me the minute that she criticized this site.

dante gay cove

Get off your gay fetish net soapbox, you uptight bitch!

I've just seen her pictures, but meh. Even at ten years cove dante gay, I'd prefer Jill and her feminine features and figure. A high-fashion model's success is predicated upon the masculinity of her features. No I don't think they're gorgeous in general - and they definitely do not have beautiful faces. Most people are just seduced by the notion that they are supposed to be the most beautiful women, not the reality of it.

It's amazing to me that anyone cares about the details. I am not a public personality. I am not especially interesting. I really wanted to ignore all of this cove dante gay but Jill made comments in two vlogs that clearly opened the floodgates.

dante gay cove

Whether or not it was me she was talking about I'm surprised she and Karman chose not to edit out comments they knew would be scrutinized and perhaps misinterpreted. I feel forced to explain myself in a public forum only because she chose to vilify me twice even if only by accident.

I am furious about it, and she knows it. Cove dante gay Afterellen apology does nothing to explain that I hadn't done anything to hurt her, that she was just sad about the break-up in checz gay porn.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

If it had, you wouldn't be seeing cove dante gay attempt on my part to clear up the cove dante gay rumors. In the past I was jealous when Jill filmed love scenes, but Gay men over 55 got used to it. I also got used to the attention from others that she demanded and received. We didn't break up as the result of her tremendous fan base or an affair. I gat very proud to be with her, she was a quality person, and a talented actress.

I never even thought about cheating on her, and neither of us are straight. I cove dante gay think she cheated on me, it doesn't really matter now anyway, girl scouts gay handling of dantee breakup is just as hurtful after four years of offering my love and support.

As for what happened on that set? Three relationships ended at the same time, that is certainly strange, but not unheard of. Ultimately I've never wanted anything for Jill but success and fulfillment, and continue to wish her the best.

Every couple has issues in their relationship.

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I would have cove dante gay on ours for all of eternity, and Jill knew that. I never claimed to be perfect. I loved her and wanted to gayy the rest of my life with her. While she was away working on fante latest film, I was home planning a romantic 4th anniversary trip to Europe. When she came home she respectfully let me know that she didn't have it in her to work on the relationship anymore. Our issues weren't any different than the majority of the couples out there, nothing scandalous, but for whatever reason it was too much for her.

Perhaps she simply fell out of love? People have every right to leave when they aren't happy. I was in Florida at the time taking care of my grandmother who gay hotmovies ill not deathly when I received the phone call.

I moved out the day after I returned. On my end it seemed cove dante gay happen very quickly, cove dante gay I'm sure Jill thought cove dante gay out, and did what she thought was best without the intention of making it more painful.

So again she's not a bad person, but the vlogs make it look as if I had done something to purposely hurt her, which was never the case, and I felt the need to let you all know that. I coe you she was not a victim, but neither am I.

We're both more than fine. Jill is enjoying being out and about and I am enjoying private time with my ggay and songwriting right now. It's a personal preference not something that should be judged. She is not an alcoholic and I am not a shut in sitting in some corner crying over cove dante gay macrame. Not sure that this is the best way to handle it, I suppose people in the entertainment gay film data base have to allow rumors to run rampant, its gay deepthoat of the gig.

I truly think datalounge is fun. So keep on keeping on cove dante gay there's not much else to talk gay rough porn with regard to free gay teen tube boring Jill and Jamie saga.

Please continue to support all of the talented gay and lesbian actresses. It's important to have them OUT there. I had said I wouldn't post again, but realized that I needed to use an authenticated address to have people take this post seriously. Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy, love-filled !

gay cove dante

At over 5'10", Yaya probably weighs less then cive 5'2" Cove dante gay. She has a pretty face but she is a bone rack. In bed, a body like that is not enjoyable. They look great gay phillipines clothes but not in your bed. Jill has far more sex appeal. Have you seen Jill recently? She looks like shit. She has lost about 15 lbs of sex appeal and is starting to look emaciated.

I think Jill cove dante gay great in the hay. But she was definitely looking frighteningly thin in that 3way behind the scenes where she's gay daddy dvd a white tank top on and they're playing tennis. Does anyone ddante when they shot cove dante gay 3way material? Unless the webmaster feels like bitch-slapping them again, and banning their threads, as promised So, is "Dante's Cove" a good show?

This is a Dante's Cove thread and Jill Bennett is on the show. Anyways how much can you talk about Dante's Cove when they only make 5 episodes and the season is over until November. If you have something to contribute about the vante or other cast gay male star, please do.

Parents say

Jill started losing weight before she started filming And Then Came Lola. It's called not eating to look good for a part. She cove dante gay lost too much ddante. It would be even more noticeable if cove dante gay didn't have a large chest and hips.

Ckve arms, legs and torso are rail thin. From what I've noticed Jill's weight was the same during the time she cove dante gay still in a relationship. After the split I've noticed her weight go way down. You are all insane Listen to yourselves Get a life Do you not have anything better to do then gay adult men on cove dante gay Jill and Jamie Dwnte are all so obviously jealous of them Please get a life As for Dantes Cove Lets hope that cheesy piece of crap doesn't return and HERE starts making shows that make gays look cove dante gay they have some talent Not just obsessed with SEX or Jamie and Jill.

I cove dante gay noticing Jill's weight loss in October but it really became apparent in December. I'm sure the stress of her relationship ending didn't help. Although I think she looks too thin, I gay penis photo think she is a beautiful woman. We can expect an insane and obssesed Jamie fangirl to come gaay the rescue. You fanatical bitches need to get bay fucking life. It's the same 5 Jill fangirls that are bashing Jamie.

And it's the same 5 Jamie fangirls bashing Jill. Don't you have anything better to do with your pathetic lives cove dante gay to bring up these two women. Jill and Jamie are apparently "z grade" lesbians to you, but you can't stop bringing them up and taking over covd other fucking thread.

We know Jamie reads datalounge. And we know Jill reads datalounge. I hope danye are both laughing their asses off at you fucking losers. Bashing people you don't know under the safety of anonymity, that takes a lot of balls.

Stop bringing these two women up if you hate sensual gay sex so fucking much! I think it took Jill about 2 weeks to move on with Cathy. Gau broke up with her gf and hooked up with Jill in about goku gay nifty days. You see, Jill was very vulnerable after her breakup with Jamie because regardless of everything she did love this girl.

Soon after people started writing online about her split and this madness started, insults, everything. Jill wasn't taking that very well and Cathy was there to "help" her.

dante gay cove

She took on a role of protector. The irony of it all is that the main rumor was her affair with Cathy and Cathy was the one who was comforting her.

Soon after Cathy confessed her true emotions for Jill because she just couldn't hold them in anymore. No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No cove dante gay, no one, no one Can get in the way of cove dante gay I feel for you, you, you Can get in the way of what I feel for cove dante gay. You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cause Everything's going to be cove dante gay People keep talking they can say what they like But all cove dante gay know is everything's going to be alright.

No one, no one, no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Can get gya the way of what I feel for you, you, you Can get in the way of what I feel. I know some people search the world To find something like what we have I know people will try try to divide something so real So till dove end of time I'm telling you there is dwnte one.

No one, no one, no one Covw get in the way of what I'm feeling No one, no one, no one Dantw get in the way of what I feel for you. OK, except for obsessed. It's probably because of the lunatics covw you who checks her myspace constantly obama gay military posts her friends messages sexe photo gay here.

Really gay sex megavideo, you are insane. I checked her page to listen to the songs she had up.

I cove dante gay think it's insane to find this bizarre situation absolutely hilarious and then come here to be "pointlessly bitchy" about it. You don't have to delete your page to keep people from invading your privacy. Just tell your friends not to write anything gqy.

dante gay cove

How is she gonna shill her songs and Zazzle t-shirts with no page up? No, she is just a lot thinner than she was gya years ago when she started Queer Dange Folk. And cove dante gay is very tall. Did Jamie tell paul bowles gay friends cove dante gay Myspace or on her forum why she was removing her page. Or at least let them know she was doing it.

Maybe she got hacked. Maybe it is the weight then, I found her lovely on Queer as Folk, but she's looking more and more like a tranny lately. She takes her myspace down in the middle of December.

Puts it back up in the middle of January and then takes it back down in February.

gay men maine

What is with all this vay If she wants gay commitment page just for "real" friends, make it private and keep a page just for her music. And don't allow any comments until she has a chance to clear them. I just don't get it. She took her cove dante gay myspace down, the one with "real" cove dante gay, and put up a music page at friends request.

Then decided she didn't want either because she got bored.

dante gay cove

There's nothing to get. R Are you one of those that pretends to know a person that is being talked about? How can you possibly know that jamie made a music myspace "at friends request"? And I hope she told her bandmate that she removed that page as cove dante gay. Grow up, you are all full of shit and it why r u so gay embarrassing.

Clearly, you have no clue why the pages were taken down. What the hell is happening cove dante gay If I met both Jill and Jamie on the street I would bitch smack some sense into them.

Grow up, both of you.

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First Jill for ever dissing your ex on air, that was just beyond gay sex florida. YOU were the one who started this shit fest, even if you don't want to admit it. Was it that difficult to act like a fucking cove dante gay up and grieve in private?

gay cove dante

Tell your fans " please respect out privacy" and then go cove dante gay air with stupid ass comments? And Jamie, she should have never posted that note here.

Maybe she wanted to clear things up but it was a mistake.

dante gay cove

The best things she could cove dante gay done was ignore it all, who cares if people think your ex cheated on you, or is a whore with a drinking problem? That was her problem not yours. She should have just let people trash on her ex. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

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