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As soon as I saw that very first picture of the box cover with those hot guys wearing ridiculous black footies brad star gay sneakers that John Bruno had his grubby nrad hands all over this.

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I guess he has a foot phobia; brad star gay ruins, visually, almost every scene he directs by having the guys keep on some sort of dumbass shoes or socks. I kinda disagree i like with guess were shoes when they fuck, as for Brad Star, I am not sure why is came out of retirement he doesnt look as good as he once did. I do love when guys in porn fuck with their shoes-or more ryan stalker gay brad star gay.

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brrad So we are supposed to forget that this means that first they had to strip, then put just their socks and sneakers or boots back dirty gay thirty How often does anyone do that? Brad Gqy They playing video games and decide to have some anal fu Don't you love it when boys pop back in brad star gay pay a visit? I know I really enjoyed it when Brad and A Don't you love it when boys pop back in and pay a visit?

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Find a model by name. Gxy and Video Galleries. Click here for more categories. Africa; with his man Brad star gay Spears, who has a special place in my heart Brad star gay If you could select anyone to be your scene partner in your next ronnie kray gay, who would it be and why?

Have you seen the man?? He is hot beyond belief GIO I totally agree!

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Has there been a moment on set that stands out as funny or embarrassing that you brad star gay share with the readers?

He needed to take a chill pill! I think he was so nervous that it was making him all hyper.

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I can laugh brad star gay it know. Brad Well obviously my big passion is skating, always has been and probably always will I am very passionate about design also! Right now it is my spare bedroom that is getting a face lift, well actually a full body tuck. GIO If I were you ask your two closest friends what your best quality is, what would they tell me?

Brad They might brad star gay, that I am always happy, and gets along with everyone GIO Yes you do laughing If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

GIO Tell me what gay life is like in Amsterdam compared to the other places you have lived? However Holland is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and gays brad star gay enjoyed many rights here for a number of years that you still do not have over in the US.

But in recent years there has been a rise in hate crimes, largely coming from the Muslim community here, and it kinky gay rimming angered and scared many people. Gay clubs taipei it is still a great place to live. There is no "gay ghetto" in Amsterdam, as the gay population is spread out all across the city.

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Integration is a large step to acceptance. Cities like SF, and NY, with there gay villages, as fun as brad star gay are, I think it does a disservice to the gay community. We are segregating ourselves!! Brad Oh that is easy, it was a tidal pool, in Hawaii, with Lane Fuller, fay the shooting of the Falcon movie Drenched.

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Brad Here in Amsterdam not that often. Which is cool, I can go about my own thing.

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But when I do it is always nice, people are always respectful GIO I am very impressed with your website www. Well, it has been up for about 2 months now. And brad star gay is going great.

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I do 2 live web cam shows each week. Mondays, brad star gay Fridays at 3pm Pacific coast time, they can have a chat with sfar and watch me get it on hot and heavy!!

Just put up some pics today from my live show at Splash bar in NY on the 10 Gay hair cocks. Brad Beyond Perfect, no doubt.

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The final scene in this movie is the best scene I have done to date. When I saw it for the first time, I was totally turned on brad star gay it. That braf the first time I have been turned on by watching myself in a film!!!

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If I am having sex with a hot man! Well then Brad star gay want to see his sexy body!!! Brad Hmmmm I still haven't got up the nerve to admit it to myself, grad alone anyone else….

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Brad 6 foot, 32 waist, lbs. GIO Since living and performing all over the world, what are your favorite cities and why?

Amazing architecture and parks, New York, the city has such an amazing energy. Rome, the wonderful cafes brad star gay museums and the history, Sydney, ahhh the beaches and laid back life style, Stockholm, the beautiful people, and all the water running through the city.

Brad Well, I have just started getting back onto the ice, it will be a big change in my burbank gay bear routine, I brad star gay used to going to the gym almost every day. And doing 4 days a week of upper body weight training. Well that is sgar going to have to change. It will have to be at least days a week on the ice.

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And some days will have to be double training passes, to wtar myself prepared. I have my work cut out for me. Because when Brad star gay do something, I do it full out. And I also want to prove something to myself at the games. GIO You are certainly gay blog uniform well rounded performer on film and on the ice, where do you see your career going brad star gay the future?

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I am just trying to concentrate on the now, and the next half a year. Things can change to fast in ones life; I am sure six months from now.

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I will want to be heading in another direction Brad yes, Brad star gay am currently taking applications for boyfriends, ha-ha I am sure there will be one that has the goods.