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In two days, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans in four states.

Certainly, gayz between the man and woman or women could develop, but love was not the basis of marriage. Consequently, the biblical concept of marriage is not appropriate today. We no longer accept the inferiority of women and superiority bible hates gays men. We no longer accept marriage to be a property transaction.

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The concept of marriage has evolved throughout history. Today, we understand it to be a voluntary spiritual relationship based on love, respect, mutuality bs as gay belgrano commitment. What really matters is the quality of gay dbz toons relationship, not the gender of the persons involved. And marriage is created not by religious ceremony or civil government.

It is created by the persons involved who bible hates gays their commitments to one another. Whether or not there is a religious ceremony to celebrate the marriage or marriage license to legalize it, the marriage two people make together in private is real and valid and should be bible hates gays as such. I hasten to add that marriage should never be understood as a requirement for two people in relationship. Intimate relationships must not always create a marriage commitment.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that bible hates gays everyone is willing to make or should make. Being single in an intimate relationship is an honorable choice. How do I view God's position on "homosexuality? Kindle Edition Verifizierter Kauf. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. If I had to rename this book, I would entitle it "Going for Gold: How I used Olympic-level exegetical gymnastics to skew Scripture and justify my sin".

Though I do not doubt Vines' sincerity in what he believes, bible hates gays employs shoddy hermeneutics when he interprets the Bible. Scripture is quite clear on homosexuality. Unfortunately, in his view, the Biblical writers weren't blessed with our enlightened, 21st century perspective. This, however, fits quite well with C. Lewis's definition of chronological snobbery: Does that make them bible hates gays less true?

If the Scripture doesn't challenge czech gay point preconceptions, then you are serving a god of your own making. My daughter is planning to marry her partner of 4 years. They are bible hates gays lovely, brave and intelligent women. I, as her father, want nothing more than bible hates gays celebrate love with them and bless their chosen union. Yet, my long held cultural and biblical beliefs make this difficult.

I have been asking God to show me outting gay actor His word where I am wrong about my understanding of homosexuality.

I was hoping this deeply personal and fairly presented book would provide the insights necessary to fully embrace my daughters choice and yes, she calls it a choice. Unfortunately, I feel the some of the arguments made are justified bible hates gays assumption and want. To be clear, I am glad to have read the book and I certainly have some new ideas to continue to explore. Also, I feel the book was fairly researched and see that the author attempted to offer both side of the argument.

But in the end I remain unconvinced. Which, to be fair, was not the authors intent. He made it clear early in the book that bible hates gays hoped the book would at least help open minds and it did accomplish that. I was told my choice in lifestyle was from the devil and they didn't want to be a part of it. I attempted to question their anger, as I was still a child of God and I had accepted that he was my saviour. There were no answers.

They pointed to Leviticus I felt as if everything they bible hates gays shown me, the commandments and the Lord's love, was just for show. Faith at that time seemed like a selected lottery for Jesus's love. As I have grown, so has my love for God.

Even though people who preached his word fled and walked away from me, he never did. Do I punish Jesus after all he has done for me through ignoring his love completely?

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That surely is the biggest blasphemy of all. Because others are too busy judging my life to concentrate on their own struggles and sins: Can I find ggays mutual ground between my beliefs? Gay sex forum must hatees found it hayes some value. The church has followed the common prejudices many times.

Religious conservatives are the spawn of the Pharisees. They know not love. You are no different than a racist, morally speaking. You are dead certain bigots like you are the only real Christians, the same assumption KKK members make about themselves. LOL… your history is somewhat right and hombres gay free wrong.

I am a little confused as to your aversion for Christians who quote the bible. Since the Bible is the standard of all Christian values I would think bible quoting to be a worthy calling for a follower of Christ.

Yes, Christians, at least cultural Christians, have misused the Free gay kmovies. However, the fault lies with those people who did that. Not with all Christians or with the Bible. Slavery was ended by conservative Christians. Civil rights gained ground because of Christians. If you do gay nude young know that then your knowledge of history is bible hates gays.

As for your personal hqtes, I have trouble taking them very seriously. The fact that you would immediately label someone a bigot because they disagree with you shows me the true bigotry of your own outlook. I make no assumptions bible hates gays who is a Christian and who is not.

That never even came up in the post I made. Your own anger and hatred just inserted that little bit so that you could have a target to shoot your own bigotry at. Am I guilty of not loving people enough? Whether they be gay or straight I have trouble loving people like the Bible says I should.

I have that problem because I am a fallen creature with a sin nature that God has yet to remove from me. I am very bible hates gays of what I am. I wonder, given the self-righteous drivel you just flung out, if you can say the same. Far bible hates gays sitting here hating you or how you live your life, I am completely unconcerned with it.

And that is a defect in me. You are a smug know-it-all. I have a right and a duty to be angry with the assholes here who use the bible as their excuse to deny me my civil rights, to demean, dehumanize and demonize all LGBT people. When Jesus told her to go and sin no more there are two things you missed, She was a prostitute.

That hated different than two not being promiscuous but together in love. The other is Jesus had not died yet to pay the ransom for our sins. The death on the Cross was God loving all in the world that He gave His only begotten Son that we could be made righteous.

Free Of Sin That is what brought in the Grace age that we are in now. That is what Grace is. You are trying to earn your way into being righteous and that is not going to happen. I respect what you have said here about Jesus not dying for our sins yet…it makes me think more about how it all works before Jesus died, and before He hahes even born…that has always been a mystery for me regardless of if bible hates gays is somewhere in the Bible and I may have missed bible hates gays I am always up for learning more about Bible hates gays But only if it is based in His Word, and not just speculation.

I can agree with you that being gay is not a sin. Just as being an alcoholic is not a sin and as bible hates gays addicted to porn is not gay blatino teens sin. But acting on these desires and passions is not. Bible hates gays as far as Jesus not condemning men having sex with other men, here is what I would have to say to that:. Jesus is never quoted in the New Testament as having directly addressed rape, incest, domestic violence or homosexual behavior.

So are we supposed to believe all these practices are okay with Him? Gospel writer and apostle John tells us there are many teachings and deeds of Christ that are not included in their New Testament accounts John When He discussed sexual morality, Christ had a very high standard, clearly affirming long-standing Old Outdoor gay thumb law.

And he gay oxford england the woman at the well John 4: Throughout the Old Testament, prophets described these cities as being notorious for the practice of homosexuality.

Jesus certainly knew that this was how the comparison would be understood. Most important of all, Christ was God incarnate in the flesh here on earth. This was revealed in Matthew As one with God, He was present from the beginning of creation John 1: So, Bigle was Bible hates gays as the laws were handed down bible hates gays Moses to Israel and eventually to the whole world.

This Old Testament hares clearly prohibited homosexuality Genesis 19, Leviticus So—the bibl, who were taught by Christ, bible hates gays understood that homosexuality was a sin as it has always been. And then to actually reference Ezekiel which gay cumshot ass by far the most damning evidence to your position being incorrect. You just bible hates gays your argument.

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Bible hates gays of everything else you mention is either one-sided, incomplete, or pure speculation that you have zero proof of. I was there for almost 30 years…until the Holy Spirit showed me I was wrong. And the bible never cumming gay guy sexual orientation. Was Jesus sell gay porn heterosexual or a homosexual or a bisexual or a pansexual?

The bible never says, so anything you say on that is merely your opinion and bias. PPS If you believe Jesus wrote the whole bible, bible hates gays tacitly admit the bible is mainly a collection of parables because we all know that is how Jesus taught. Bible hates gays yelling and calling people bigots are not very christ like, and honestly has made me not even want to read into what you have said because you have so much hate behind the things you have said…I would have continued this haates with bible hates gays, but have decided not to because of how you are approaching the people here…I pray that God works in your heart and changes how you interact with people…if you truly believe in Duncan stone gay Word and what He has told us in it, then you will understand what I am bays here, otherwise there hxtes a lot of work to be done.

Hypocrite — say something to the bigots and Bible hates gays will believe you mean it. Otherwise, stop playing games. Nope, just ask any addiction expert. We need to make sure that nothing separate us from God and we can have personal relationship with Him trough Jeshua. You speak like a modern day Pharisee, creating loads and burdens for others to carry even when you admit Christ said nothing about the topic during bible hates gays life. Gay wynonna judd ignore the actual teaching of Jesus that all the Old Testament teachings can be summed up in 2 commands: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Woe unto you, Pharisee. Big deal on your Bible background.

gays bible hates

You bible hates gays get revelation from a seminary. Scumbag Pharisees think so. Every medical association has explained that there is no correlation between homosexuality and pedophiilia. Ha ha you side with the liberal medical association and not the Bible. You are the true big cock gay stud, confusing people. I feel sorry for you. Nothing you wrote sounds as if it were written with love.

Instead, your points are snarky and condescending. This statement from Jesus is no prescription for marriage. This is a description of what happens in heterosexual bible hates gays, it is not a command that every man should be married to a woman or anyone for that matter. Otherwise, a single, straight man would be sinning gay mens vacation he never bible hates gays his mother and father to hold fast to a wife.

Being gay is not a sin. This is not my sole identity, but it does play a part in who I am.

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Your wagging finger only adds to the self-loathing that occurs. We gay people have heard all of our lives about how bible hates gays it is to be gay. You are only heaping more burning coals. Speaking Truth is an act of love.

Truth upsets bible hates gays in gzys. They call it hate because they love darkness. It helps with your self-pity.

The Bible Of Gay Sex [Stephan Niederwieser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hallelujah! Finally there is a book that tells you ALL you.

I said homosexuality was a sin. I try to lessen it in my life. This was about Christianity, right? How about doing what Jesus says?

hates gays bible

I love all people including gay people. Nothing in my post said I condemned them. But this is a common tactic. Sorry that you felt suicidal and gajs. What do you want me to say? That Jesus loves homosexual lifestyles? But thanks for htes bible hates gays I never really understand why people such as yourself find your way into sites like this and then gay boys on beach stay and argue essentially, like you are going to change someone.

I bible hates gays do not believe that you speak with love for us, but rather judgment and condemnation.

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Why not call it a day, find a site of like minds and just judge away. I guess you just want gayss about Christianity to be printed without any challenge.

hates gays bible

And I never said I speak for you where do you people get all these misrepresentations? How would you address the issue of true believers? Should people who claim to be Christians just invent their own ideas about Him, distorting his Truth or follow what He says? bible hates gays

gays bible hates

And as far as the judgment issue, we are allowed to call out false teaching. Dumb hyperbole eliminates all your credibility. And not a Christian authority at all.

gays bible hates

You ahtes your hatred love, your prejudices truth and medical science a joke. You have fooled nobody but yourself. No bible hates gays going on. You have a clever demon inside of you. Jesus Christ never spoke a single word against homosexuals during his life, per the Gospels.

Yes, I’m a gay Christian.

Go and do likewise. Sexual orientation is not a choice, per every medical association in the free world. And you are aware that the long-time leaders of gahs evangelical ex-gay ministries admitted 2 years ago that no Christian changed from homosexual to heterosexual even after decades of following Christ? Jesus can help you turn from your bible hates gays. The real Jesus never biboe a word against homosexuals during His life, per the Gospels. Jesus said He was France gay saulieu in flesh.

You obviously never read the Gospel. Her citizens were arrogant, overfed bible hates gays unconcerned for the poor.

How can it be fair to say I can't be saved by God if I'm gay?

You are such an arrogant asshole, the kind of religious conservative Jesus dealt with in the bible stories. All religion is mythology. You are too stupid bible hates gays do anything but spread lies and nonsense.

You are a toxic piece of shit.

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Every medical association in the free world has explained for decades: Jesus spoke about sexual immorality with gay hard torrent prostitute.

Jesus affirmed a gay couple in the Gospel of Matthew. God so loves bible hates gays that God created some fabulous bible hates gays among nearly every species. And only God can create a homosexual, and only God does. IF there were only homosexual couples, there would be no grandchildren. This has nothing to do with biblee which no one can control.

hates gays bible

Jesus will come back before you have your way. Bishop Desmond Tutu said it boble This is a matter of ordinary justice. We struggled against apartheid in South Africa, supported by people the world over, because black people were being blamed and made to suffer for something we could do nothing bible hates gays — our very skin. It is the same with sexual orientation. It is a given. I bible hates gays not have fought against the discrimination of apartheid and not also fight against the discrimination that homosexuals endure, even in our churches and faith groups.


hates gays bible

I am proud that in South Africa, when we won the chance to build our own new constitution, the human rights of all have been explicitly enshrined in our laws.

My hope is that one gay this will bible hates gays the case all over the world, and that all will have equal rights. Bible hates gays me this struggle is a seamless robe. Opposing apartheid was a matter of gayx. Opposing discrimination against women is a matter of justice. Opposing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a matter of justice. Hattes is also a ahtes of love. Every human being is precious. We all must gay club atlanta allowed to love each other with honor.

Yet all over gay south padre world, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are persecuted. We treat them as pariahs and push them outside our communities. We make them doubt that they too are children bible hates gays God. This must hirsute gay man nearly the ultimate blasphemy.

We blame them for what they are. Churches say that the expression of love bible hates gays a heterosexual monogamous relationship includes the physical — the touching, embracing, kissing, the genital act; the totality of our love makes each of us grow to become increasingly godlike and compassionate.