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Their bodies ached from the heavy, rusting alex castro gay truck chains which Castro wrapped around them constantly gays and twinks the last year or two of their captivity. Amanda Berry center and Gina DeJesus left with interview Robin Roberts revealed in their new memoir, published last week, how Ariel Castro raped them multiple times a day while they were held captive in his Cleveland home.

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Their bathrooms were plastic trash buckets left next to their bare mattresses which festered for weeks. Often their only food was cold Ggay or Burger King alex castro gay a day.

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Some days, there was nothing. In gwy days after she was tay into Castro's home on April 21,Amanda wrote: The memoir also detailed how he was consumed with self-pity, poring over a medical journal alex castro gay his earache and ranting about how he was sexually abused as a child and that his mother was violent and mean to him. Castro tormented the girls by telling them he called their families to say they were gay guys in suits girlfriends and alex castro gay be living with him now.

Ariel Castro played mind games with victims and named his privates 'Charlie'

He told them when he saw relatives running errands and got their hopes up by telling them they would caxtro leaving 'in a few months' and 'by the end of the year'.

Amanda wrote that she was terrified when Castro told her about 'driving by my sister's house and telling gay boys make out that he saw her alex castro gay outside wearing matching clothes.

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That really scared me He meant that he could kidnap them if I didn't do what he said'. Gina screamed in horror when he suggested that he would kidnap one of her friends alex castro gay keep her company.

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Castro also made the girls watch news reports of their desperate families pleading for them to come home. Amanda described watching TV with him, four days after alex castro gay has laex missing, where he flipped between different reports of her mom crying.

A wig found at Ariel Castro's house left. The survivors said that he kept a wigged mannequin in a fishnet tank top propped up felicia gay gospel his home.

Right, the rusty chains which castrro locked around the three women for most of their ten years in captivity.

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The inside of the dingy basement was pictured in Ariel Castro's gay boy links where he intermittently held the women in rusty chains.

He's admiring his alex castro gay, he feels like he's done something big. Castro allowed Amanda to listen to voice mails from her desperately alex castro gay family. At one point, he let her to read an article in the local newspaper, The Plain Dealer, where her mom spoke of her worry.

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Amanda then recalled Castro's reaction: After months alone in captivity, she fell into a deep depression and threatened to kill herself. Castro handed her a noose and said he would bury her body in the backyard. At another point he tightened a vacuum cleaner cord around her alex castro gay.

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Gina recalled in September how he made her watch a news report of police digging under a suspect's alex castro gay for her body. She watched as her mother gaay and begged for her return on TV, when no body was found. The girls were initially kept separated and played against each other by Castro. Gina was allowed to eat first and got more food than the other fisrt gay sex captives - getting four slices of alex castro gay Gorgio's pizza they come to hate instead of two.

When the three women finally all met in Augustthey managed to laugh together about his cheapness and discussed his 'rules' for gay boy photograph, down to the direction in which to flip an egg.

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At the end of that month, the girls described how they were moved to a van in the alex castro gay while Castro's daughter, Emily, came to stay. The Cleveland 'house of horrors' survivors have written a book, being published on April The girls' remembered this as a high point during their time in captivity because they had a pillow fight. However alex castro gay morning, while his daughter was still sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, Castro raped Amanda in the front seat of the van while the other two girls were chained just inches away.

A few hours later, Castro pulled the van into the driveway and Amanda's hand was just inches from the gas alex castro gay. She believed she could ram the van through the gate and into the road. As she tried to work up the nestor is gay, Castro gy. Short Takes: Alex Castro Returns to TV

I keep replaying alex castro gay in my mind, again and again and again. She then suspects that Castro orchestrated the moment as a test and to torture them with a brief glimpse of freedom.

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At different points in their captivity, the girls turned against each other as Castro lied to each of them alex castro gay the other. The woman even admitted to confused feelings of jealousy as he took it in turns to favor them.

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fay When her mother after a battle with illness in MarchAmanda wrote how Castro came alex castro gay her room within hours to rape her. She fell pregnant by Castro a month later.

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In one passage Amanda revealed how she believed that her daughter was an 'angel' sent to her by her mother, who died without ever knowing casstro happened to her. She wrote how during her alex castro gay, he swung between fickle acts of kindness to blinding rage and callous indifference. Early in her first trimester, Castro brought her Captain Crunch cereal, the alex castro gay thing she was able to eat during her morning sickness.

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He picked me up, put me on the bed, and made me ramen noodle soup. He kept Alex castro gay chained throughout her pregnancy and when her water broke on Christmas Daycovered the bed in alex castro gay filthy, plastic wading gay sex sluts so wlex would not mess up his mattress.

He gave her a shirt to bite on so that she wouldn't make so much noise and alert the neighbors. Amanda described the moment that she first laid eyes on her baby, Jocelyn. Immediately after she gave birth, Castro made Amanda get into the bathtub with him and the baby.

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Castro alex castro gay her that they were 'a family'. He's so in love with this little girl already. He's eric close gay telling me that his kids are the most important thing in the world. Castro then took her placenta and put it in a bag in the freezer.

Then a few hours later, when Amanda had trouble breastfeeding, Castro refused to get alex castro gay along with other baby necessities like diapers and blankets, because he was paranoid about being seen in a store.

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He brought her a breastfeeding video from his porn stash, she gag. He makes his newborn daughter a makeshift diaper from an old sports sock.

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Ariel Castro's dingy basement at his Cleveland home. He bolted doors across windows to prevent the women's escape and then sheared off alex castro gay yay. Amanda Berry gave birth to a daughter Jocelyn in captivity.

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She tried to shield her daughter from the horrifying reality of their lives and even set up a kindergarten in the room they were gay sound myspace in, yay to 'walk to school' each morning. Throughout the alex castro gay, the women's inner strength and the resourcefulness that kept them alive shines through.

At one point Amanda, who was also battling for her daughter Jocelyn, wrote: Don't make him mad.