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Being a college freshman is hard enough, but Lani got the lion’s share of troubles, not to mention secrets. She’s the princess of the shifter kingdom, Glenhela. College is an opportunity for a four year vacation from crowns, and politics, and life in the castle she has never left before. It’s also her only chance to get away before she becomes queen. She’s been preparing her whole life for the task, but she knows it will be a difficult one. Her brother is betrothed to the future queen of Caernen and their marriage will usher in a new era of peace; the first alliance between shifter kingdoms in history. And Lani and her new sister-in-law will have to figure out how to guide their people together.

College seems like a great way to forget about the daunting future looming before her. Lani is ready to kick back and pretend to be a normal, human girl. Everything is going great, until an assassination attempt on the king of Caernen. Lani finds herself in the heart of the enemy kingdom, where she uncovers secrets, that could unravel the alliance before it begins, and dangers that threaten all of shifter-kind.

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