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Looking for a Free Copy of More than Magic…

…on Google? If you are reading this because you Googled for something along the lines of Semester Aboard epub pdf download torrent or anything like that, please take a moment to keep reading. I’m flattered that you’re interested in my work and want to read it. If you honestly can’t afford $3.99 for my book, keep an eye on my […]

Chapter Four

Just about all of the places that provide sample downloads of Semester Aboard allow people to read the first 10% free.  That takes you just a couple of pages into Chapter Four.  I figured, what’s the point of having chapters available on my blog if my readers don’t get anything extra?  So, here it is, for the first time: all […]

Chapter Three

As promised here is Chapter Three of Semester Aboard!  If you have missed them, I strongly suggest reading chapters one and two first!  I hope you enjoy it! Read Chapter One Here Read Chapter Two Here Chapter Three No. Thomas was not going to come stalk me in my own room. “Look, I just told Dani, I’m not going to […]

Chapter Two

Since I already posted Chapter One, I figure that I might as well post Chapter Two as well!  If you haven’t read Chapter One, I suggest you do!  I hope you like Chapter Two! Read Chapter One Chapter 2 The following morning started like any other.  I woke up and traded showers with Laurie, then went to breakfast.  Ordinarily I […]

Chapter One

  Young Adult Urban Fantasy Jen is looking forward to spending an entire summer studying abroad on a cruise ship and she knows the experience will change her life. Then she sees something she wasn’t supposed to see, something she can’t explain. Jen finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed and her life will change more than […]