Weekly Serial Lion’s Pride Chapter One

Welcome to the first chapter of my weekly serial novel! For news and the latest chapters, head over to The Weekly Serial Page. I hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: This has not been edited and may contain typos. Formatting may be off after being pasted into my blog. The final version which I am compiling into a book may have slight […]

Exclusive Thanksgiving Story

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! And Happy last Thursday in November everyone else! I initially started writing this story as a bonus ‘track’ for the paperback version of Danio’s Prelude. If you haven’t read that (or Soul Choice) yet, I strongly suggest you read Prelude before you read this story, as there are some major spoilers.  In fact, all four More than Magic Series books […]

Writing, Blogging, Formatting, Homemaking, and Crafting!

Phew! Remember when I said exciting things are coming? They’re here! Some of you may be familiar with my book formatting logo: Well, I’m expanding the EK brand to all manner of ventures. Instead of spreading it all out, I’m going to start by consolidating it onto a single blog. I also plan on blogging more frequently. In order to […]

Same Blog – New Stuff and Re-branded Content

Hello! A lot has been going on since my last post! Among other things, I’ve decided that I don’t blog nearly often enough. Keep an eye here and, if you haven’t, be sure to subscribe! There’s going to be a lot of new stuff! I’m also going to be going back over old posts to sort them and add a series of […]

Wrought-Iron Roses Cover Reveal

Wrought-Iron Roses Curse Collectors #2 New Adult Paranormal Romance Mure Sisters Rachel, Angie, and Jo may have survived their first encounter with a curse, but hundreds more are lurking within their aunt’s antique shop. There’s just one problem: Peter, the apprentice, has no idea how to start teaching two untrained rune-casters and keep them safe at the same time. Naet […]