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Blizzard Sale!

You’ve seen them on Facebook all week; memes about the upcoming snow storm. They tell you to buy anywhere from 1 bottle to 15 cases of wine, based on where you live in the blizzard’s path. Or how many books to buy. Or whether your okay, in trouble, or totally screwed… Well… Yeah, that’s me. In the darkest, reddest, snowiest […]

Looking for a Free Copy of More than Magic…

…on Google? If you are reading this because you Googled for something along the lines of Semester Aboard epub pdf download torrent or anything like that, please take a moment to keep reading. I’m flattered that you’re interested in my work and want to read it. If you honestly can’t afford $3.99 for my book, keep an eye on my […]

Author Interview – Kymberlee Burks Miller

I’m excited today to give you an interview with the author of Compulsion, Kymberlee Burks-Miller!  She has kindly offered a free copy of Compulsion to the first response to this post!  Please comment with a question for the fantastic Kymberlee to win! Kymberlee, please tell us a little about yourself and the novels you’ve had published. Well my name is […]

Contest Winners and November

Well, the contest was over and the winners have (or should have!) gotten their free digital copies of Semester Aboard! Another big congrats to the Paranormal Reads FB group, Ashley O, Marian L, Heather G, Yvonne L. Tracie B, Chelsea R, Morgan L, and Kymberlee B!  I hope you all enjoy my book!November is looking like it’s going to be […]

Final Contest Day!

Ok today is the last day to enter the contest!  I’ll be drawing names tomorrow, based on how many people entered the contest!  At the moment I’ll be giving away eight free digital copies of Semester Aboard! For those of you who don’t know the drill, there are several ways to get entries, the easiest are to follow this blog, […]