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The More than Magic Series
Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Book One Read the Summary Here

Jen Maddox is a few days into her study abroad program on a cruise ship. Everyone tells her that the experience will change her life.
One night, while out on deck, Jen sees something that isnít humanly possible. She would have thought that it was all a dream, if not for the fact that the students involved are making every effort to cover it up. Thanks to their odd behavior, Jen is determined to figure out what theyíre hiding. When she does, her life really does change.
Jen expected to spend her summer studying the cultures of Latin America, she never dreamed sheíd learn about a magical culture instead. But Jenís childhood fantasy come true is about to turn into a nightmare; thereís something on the ship. Something dangerous. Suddenly, everyone on board is threatened by a creature that Jen never even believed existed.
Now Jen has to learn everything she can about her new world before it kills her. And her friends. And maybe everyone on the entire ship...

Book Two Read the Summary Here

After learning how to use magic and fighting vampires, anyone would be bored going back to normal college life. As if that wasnít enough, Jen didnít realize how hard it would be to tiptoe around her non-magic family and friends. She canít even talk to her familiar, Rak, without making sure no one else is around! Worst of all, Jen misses the friends she made over the summer. Aside from Rak, theyíre the only other magics she knows and she hasnít seen them in almost five months!
Jen is all too happy to accept an invitation to go skiing with the gang. She gears up for two weeks of snow, magic, and fun. Just when everything seems to be going great, an uninvited guest turns up. Soon the skiers arenít the only things going downhill.
Jen thought that vampires were just about the most dangerous thing the magical world could throw at her. Unfortunately, sheís about to learn that people with no magic at all can be just as deadlyÖ

Book Three Read the Summary Here

Jen doesnít know who people keep mistaking her for, but one thing is clear: her mystery double is not popular. When Jen is kidnapped by a group bent on revenge for something she never did, itís up to her friends to rescue her. Little do they know, Jenís captors are ready for them.
Thomas, TS, Charlie, Dani, and Mariana become the latest victims of a malicious experiment, one which could spell doom for magic-kind. Now their lives, and maybe their entire world, are in Jenís hands. Unfortunately, escaping the facility is the least of their problems. The experiment is dangerous; one in three test subjects dies. And considering five of them are affected, the odds donít look good. Time is running out and Jen and her friends are faced with the hardest decisions theyíve ever had to make; how do you know who to trust, when your own mother isnít who you thought she was? Just how much will you sacrifice for a friend, even if itís your life? And how can you make a choice when the wrong one means death?

Semester Aboard
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Snow Bound
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Soul Choice
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The Curse Collectors
New Adult Paranormal Romance

Book One Read the Summary Here

One thing set Lydia Shaw and her store apart from the other antique shops in townÖ Lydiaís collection was plagued by curses, and it was her duty to break them.
Rachel, Angie, and Jo knew nothing about their auntís secret life. In fact, they didnít even know she owned an antique shop, until they inherited it. Unfortunately for them, Lydia passed down more than just her store. The sisters are the proud new owners of countless deadly curses, buried under centuries of dust.
Lydia also left behind her apprentice, Peter. He does everything he can to protect the girls, as they explore their new store, unaware of the dangers it hides. In spite of his efforts, Rachel finds herself obsessed with opening a strange trunk, Angie has vivid dreams, haunted by a man who claims he needs her help, and Joís imagination starts to run wild.
When one of them falls victim to a curse, itís up to Peter and her sisters to save her. But, if Peter canít teach them to wield a magic, that he barely understands himself, sheíll be the first one to die.

Carved in Cherry
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